hires Cortes as journalist according to data, Schniper – in the editing team

Editor-in-Chief of Jeff McCracken on Wednesday sent the following to employees:

I want to inform everyone about a few new employees and promotions at

First, I’m happy to report that Gabriel Cortes joined our team as a data visualization journalist who manages the data processing department and maintains reports Elizabeth of Córdoba. He previously worked as a data journalist at Grow, an editorial initiative of Acorns. Prior to that, he worked in a similar role in the American social media in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Gabriel has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Southern California and a bachelor’s degree in comparative literature from Princeton University. A native of Southern California, he has returned home to Los Angeles but works on the East Coast. He ran one marathon and hopes to run a marathon in Los Angeles in early 2023 (and says this memo will now make him do it).
He also cooks on a barbecue an evil steak with three tips.

Next, Candice Choi joins the consumer news and business team as an editor, following Mike Kali. She comes to us from the Associated Press, where she most recently led a water team at the Bureau of Health and Science. She used to be a business reporter at the AP, covering events such as the food industry and personal finance. Prior to that, she worked for local publications in California.

Candice grew up in New Jersey and holds a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University. She lives in New York City, where she gives herself a daily deadline of 8 a.m. to finish Wordle before moving on to the ingenious level at Spelling Bee.

I am also happy to announce the addition Scott Sniper to the editorial office of our PRO Investors Service. After a long separation he will work nearby again John Maloy, both joined CNBC from Bloomberg. Scott was one of the first employees of Bloomberg News and spent his first years there in London, covering stocks, companies, currencies and politics. In New York, he wrote daily stock market stories, weekly columns, and later covered international markets and new lists from Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia. He ended his time helping to launch First Word, a news product for traders and investors.

Scott has a degree in public administration from Cornell. He is a native of New Jersey who has returned home after long discoveries in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Scott loves to go hiking, biking, play spikeball to his youngest son, win at Jeopardy! and banged with his friends on the run at Hash House Harriers.

Internal, Sarah Salinas was promoted to editor in the group of consumer news and business reporting before Mike Potassium. Most recently, she worked as a news editor at hotseats, where she held a daily master class on news judgment and creative ways to tell a story. Prior to that, Sarah reported on technology for CNBC, local news for The Boston Globe and crime for the Indianapolis Star.

Sarah runs weekly trivia bars in the Upper East Side. She is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, a composer collecting volunteer in the city and an avid Formula 1 supporter.

Please join me to congratulate all of them on their new roles and welcome everyone to the team.

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