Cold temperatures are here to stay in the Tacoma area


A couple of women walk past the Glass Museum in downtown Tacoma, December 20, 2021.

It’s still February, so the cold temperatures in South Saud aren’t going to go away soon, but at least the sun is setting a little later. Really?

After relatively mild weather last week the temperature will drop, especially at night. Snow is expected in the mountains from Saturday to Sunday. Heavy snowfall is expected on Saturday night with “convergence zone activity” over the Cascades, reports National Weather Service.

At the beginning of next week the temperature is expected to drop, by Wednesday the figures will drop to 20 degrees at night. Tacoma residents are expected to experience heavy rains on Sunday. The temperature at night will drop to 36 degrees National Weather Service.

On President’s Day it will be mostly cloudy, rain and snow possible. According to the National Weather Service, snow is not expected almost completely.

Tuesday and Wednesday mornings will be up to 38 degrees. On Thursday, light snow is possible, but it will be variable sunny with temperatures up to 41 degrees. Friday will bring a slight sunny day with temperatures up to 45 degrees.

Angelica Relente covers topics that affect the communities of East Pier County. She began an internship in news in June 2021.

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