Curry sets record 3 seconds, LeBron team wins NBA All-Star Game

CLEVELAND (AP) – Stephen Curry got another 3-point record. LeBron James won another All-Star Game victory.

Good night in Ohio for the two stars from Akron.

Curry turned uh and aaa with the highest long-range shooting in the history of the All-Star Game, then James made a turning point that gave LeBron’s team a win over Durant’s team on Sunday night with a score of 163-160.

Curry made 16 3-pointers and scored 50 points, two above Anthony Davis ’record. He was clearly hunting for it, asking aside during the turbulent third quarter what a record.

“It’s pretty special, obviously he’s back in Ohio,” Curry said seconds after he was presented with the Kobe Bryant MVP inaugural trophy. “Tafei is very special. Very modest, very blessed. “

He missed the last 3-point attempt that would have allowed him to surpass Davis. But due to the fact that James ’team needed a basket to reach the target score of 163 points, they could not afford to continue to feed Curry.

So James rose from the depths on the right to win, making it 5-0 in a format where leaders were gaining votes in every draft team conference.

Janice Atetokunmpa had 30 points, and James finished 24th in his old home. Joel Embide led the Duran team with 36 points.

The return of the Match of the Stars to Cleveland was expected to take place on James night. He is the best player of the Cavaliers franchise, which led them to the 2016 NBA Single Championship.

Instead, he was taken by Curry, who was born in the same hospital of Akron.

Curry finished 16 of 27 outside the arc – sometimes well, well behind. He launched several of the All Star 2022 logo near the middle of the court, running back without even waiting to see how anyone would enter.

He smiled when he was booed while dating before the game, Cleveland fans forgave him for helping Golden State win the Cavaliers three times in the NBA Finals from 2015-18.

But fans enjoyed his show too much to continue the game, although the sounds came back when he was presented with the MVP award.

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