Cyber ​​attack on Dish Network leads to data theft and internal communication problems

The cyberattack on Dish Network affected the company’s servers, customer call centers, online customer service and other internal communications.

Dish learned on Monday that data had been extracted from the company’s IT systems — and that the data may have contained personal customer information.

The company is working to fix its customer service communications infrastructure and has reported the incident to law enforcement. Customers will be notified if their data has indeed been stolen.

“The forensic investigation and assessment of the consequences of this incident are ongoing. Dish, Sling and our wireless and data networks remain operational,” the company said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday.

Wireless and data networks include Boost Mobile, a subsidiary of Dish. The statement also said that the February 23 attack on Dish involved ransomware.

Initially, Dish employees were told that there were problems with the company’s VPN systems that were preventing remote employees from logging in, according to tech website The Verge.

However, an internal memo sent later told employees that Dish was the victim of an “external bad actor known as a threat agent,” according to IT news outlet Bleeping Computer.

Dish did not name a specific “bad actor” and there was no known ransomware to claim responsibility for the cyber attack.

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