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Everyone had the same favorite moment of the show Uplive x Hekka. And it had nothing to do with clothes.

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Influencers filled Moonlight Studios, photographing and posting videos pending the start of the show. Celebrities filled the crowd, from Mae Musk, Ilona Musk’s mother, to rapper Bandit, to the influential person TikTok Axandraaa. The confusion subsided as the voice of the announcer cut through the system as he drove the crowd to the white benches around the runway.

When the lights went out, actress Arcy Munoz took to the runway to sing a live performance of “Sweet Child O’ Mine ”. What was lacking in the performance, it made up for with enthusiasm. The crowd watched in silence as Munoz tried to get them to join before breaking away with polite applause at the end of the performance.

The two largest brands of Asia Innovations Group Unlimited, Uplive and Hekka, collaborated to sponsor the event. The social networking platform Uplive broadcast this live, and the e-commerce website Hekka has partnered with new fitness brand Keppi to showcase its new line of active clothing.

(Photo by Camille Harwell)

The show was divided into two collections with a dance number in between. The first was the Hekka collection with models in light, flowing dresses that would suit a beach holiday. Dresses ranged from short to long, from tiered to curled and shifted silhouettes, in the style of flowing hair and light heels.

Hekka is a broad online shopping platform, not a fashion house, which may explain why this collection is more reminiscent of everyday comfort than high fashion. When the latest model left the runway, the usual pop music suddenly ended. Unlike most shows, the models did not return to the runway together, leaving the crowd unsure whether they should be applauded.

The show ended with a collection of active clothing from Keppi, consisting of matching neon sets, hats and caps.

“I was impressed with their overall style, from shoes to hats,” singer Ava Breeze told WSN.

Along with clothes for outdoor activities in the collection were presented two costumes, which with the rest of the things looked out of place. But Amanda Mirus, a bag designer who attended the show, told WSN that the green jacket of this product was her favorite subject of the night, saying “it reminded me of a vintage blazer, it had a vintage feel, and I really liked it.”

(Photo by Camille Harwell)

However, everyone interviewed by WSN, from Breeze to the influential person Geraldine Moreno, noted that the highlight was the rapid performance of the dance group. The dance group broke the uncomfortable silence of the crowd with five enthusiastic dancers in close-knit brown and pink costumes.

“It was really great, very lively, they brought energy, and overall it was really creative,” model and participant Destiny White told WSN. “I loved dancers.”

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