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VANCOUVER, BC, June 1, 2022 / PRNewswire / – DESERT MOUNTAIN ENERGY CORP. (“Company”) (TSXV: DME) (OTC: DMEHF) (Frankfurt: QM01) From the president of the company

The company is pleased to announce that it has added Marta Hodan Vasko as Vice President of Geology. Martha is an oil geologist with a focus on sedimentology and stratigraphy with years of experience in exploration, development, reservoir characteristics and wastewater injection. It has several degrees from Colorado Mining School, combined with her experience in both the private sector and government regulation. Martha also has experience planning, permitting and drilling wells for oil, gas, helium and wastewater, working in both the private sector and government regulation. Her most recent position was as a program administrator at the Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. She has worked on state regulations for oil, gas and helium development, gaining knowledge of historical and modern helium exploration and development, and gaining experience working with federal, state, local and indigenous jurisdictions.

“We are very pleased that Martha has joined our campaign,” he says Robert RolfingCEO of Desert Mountain Energy Corp. “She has excellent experience in the industry, and her general knowledge in both geology and regulatory aspects is excellent for our further growth.”


  • Construction of the McCauley Helium Processing Plant is ongoing, and DME will add selected assembly photos to the website as it is completed. The company expects to conduct the next drilling in early July after the rig is released from the project it is currently working on. DMEs will notify permits when they are obtained.
  • Desert Mountain Energy, a freight company, has enough work to provide equipment employment for an average of six days a week for the next 24+ months. This business segment will immediately add cash flow and these figures will be reflected in the financial data. Forecasts suggest that the company will receive a full return on investment by the end of June.
  • The company’s expansion to prepay a 16,000-foot drilling rig is beginning to bear fruit. DME receives a predetermined amount daily for each day of use. A long-term contract has been signed for the installation, except when the company will use it.
  • Management decided to sell helium at a spot price and not sign any long-term contracts. The recent shortage in the global helium market has led to strong demand and unprecedented helium prices. Desert Mountain Energy Corp. does not anticipate any short-term solutions for the helium market, and prices are expected to be historically high in the foreseeable future.


Desert Mountain Energy Corp. is a public resource company focused primarily on the exploration, development and production of helium, hydrogen and noble gases. The company is primarily looking for items that are considered important for renewable energy and high technology.

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“Robert Rolfing”

Robert Rolfing

Executive Chairman and CEO

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