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Disney Unveils Details of New Singapore Cruise Featuring Forests, Street Markets, and Reefs


Enchanted valleys, vibrant street markets, and fantastical forests await fans of Disney cruises aboard the upcoming Disney Adventure, as announced by Disney Cruise Line on Tuesday.

This new vessel marks Disney’s sixth cruise liner and its first to be based in Asia, with its inaugural voyage set to depart from Singapore in 2025. The Disney Adventure will offer three- and four-night voyages, accommodating approximately 6,700 passengers and 2,500 crew members, according to a press release. All journeys will embark from Marina Bay Cruise Centre.

What’s on board? The Disney Adventure is themed around seven distinct areas inspired by beloved Disney, Pixar, and Marvel films:

  • Imagination Garden: Serving as the heart of the ship, featuring an enchanted valley, garden, and an open-air performance venue.
  • Discovery Reef: A themed area for shopping and dining, inspired by Disney’s nautical movies like “The Little Mermaid” and “Finding Nemo.”
  • San Fransokyo Street: A family entertainment zone with a street market vibe, interactive games, shops, and movie theaters.
  • Wayfinder Bay: A Pacific island-inspired poolside retreat reflecting the vibrant colors of “Moana.”
  • Town Square: A forested gathering place celebrating Disney royalty from “Tangled,” “Cinderella,” “Frozen,” and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”
  • Marvel Landing: Featuring new attractions tailored for fans of Avengers superheroes.
  • Toy Story Place: A playful area with themed food venues and water play zones inspired by Pixar’s “Toy Story” franchise.

Staterooms will incorporate subtle Disney touches and the cruise line’s split-bath concept, facilitating simultaneous readiness for two individuals, according to the release.

Like other Disney cruises, the Disney Adventure will feature beloved characters on board, entertainment showcasing Disney songs, and screenings of popular Disney movies.

Billed as “the ultimate holiday at sea” for families, the Disney Adventure caters to cruisers of all ages, offering amenities such as a spa, fitness area, and premium dining options for parents, as detailed in the press release. The ship will also integrate distinct Asian elements, acknowledging Disney’s first cruise ship venture in the region.

Sarah Fox, Vice President and Regional General Manager for Asia at Disney Cruise Line, highlighted, “By blending Disney’s signature service with handpicked experiences unique to Asia, guests can anticipate a magical sea voyage with personalized touches, a diverse selection of global cuisines, and an array of retail offerings infused with local flavors.”

Additional Disney cruises The Disney Adventure joins Disney Cruise Line’s existing fleet of five ships, with two more—Disney Treasure and Disney Destiny—scheduled for future deployment, according to the release.

Disney cruises presently navigate routes spanning the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, the South Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand.

Singapore’s standing as a “thriving cruise hub in Southeast Asia,” underscored in Tuesday’s press release, is bolstered by its strategic location, robust air connectivity, and advanced port infrastructure.

Cruise operations are confirmed for a minimum of five years, following an agreement between Disney Cruise Line and the Singapore Tourism Board.

Specific details such as the ship’s inaugural voyage date and pricing for voyages have yet to be disclosed.