District of Columbia Public Schools hold a performance for high school students

Columbia County Public Schools are organizing a drag queen performance as part of the Month of Honor celebration for high school students, which is celebrated during the final month of classes.

The event comes at a time when public schools in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Colorado, New York, Illinois and other states are increasingly making banners and story hours part of “family” June celebrations, sparking Conservative outrage.

Chancellor Lewis D. Fereby announced “Leaders with pride!” celebration at the Ballou STAY Public School campus in an email to DCPS families on Thursday night.

“On Friday, June 3, students are invited to come to Ballou STAY from 6pm to 9pm for performances, food and resources as part of the celebration of honor,” Mr. Ferebi wrote.

The email has a flyer with a photo of an unidentified drag queen in a red dress, as well as a link to a post on Instagram advertising the event. It does not say whether the professional drag queens or the students themselves will perform.

“Join us for an exciting Pride for Queer and Trans DMV holiday,” the LGBTQ team and the school district’s sexual health team commented on Instagram. page.

DCPS did not respond Friday to a request for comment.

But a phone call to Ballou STAY High School confirmed that the event, organized by an unknown teacher, was planned to be held in an atrium in the open air.

Proponents of inviting drag queens to public schools presented the events to both the LGBT community.

But conservative families and parental rights groups say they do not want government agencies to advertise sexual performances to their children.

“There was a time when we could all agree that transreg queens are for adults and don’t belong anywhere near children,” Erica Sanzi, director of information for the Department of Parental Protection Education, said on Friday.

“Schools shouldn’t have transportation events, period,” Ms. Sanzi added. “If parents want to take their children with them to drag the Queen’s performances on the weekends, so be it, but such child-centered entertainment has no place in school.”

A leaflet for the Ballou STAY event on Friday night, also posted in the link to register for Eventbrite, says it intends to “create safe and affirmative spaces along with educational and advocacy opportunities”.

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