DUI’s arrest of Pelosi’s husband came after a crash in California

NAPA, Calif. – Over the weekend, Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol after a Porsche he drove was hit by another vehicle in the Northern California wine country. said the authorities. .

82-year-old Paul Pelosi was taken into custody shortly before midnight on Saturday in Napa County, the sheriff’s office said in a statement about online booking.

He was driving a 2021 Porsche at an intersection near the town of Untville and was hit by a 2014 jeep, the California Road Patrol said in a statement on Sunday.

No one was injured, the 48-year-old jeep driver was not detained.

Pelosi could be prosecuted, including driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or higher, a police report said. Records showed he was released early Sunday on $ 5,000 bail.

Drew Hamill, a spokeswoman for Nancy Pelosi, told the Associated Press on Sunday: “The speaker will not comment on this private issue that occurred when she was on the East Coast.” A phone call left Monday with Nancy Pelosi’s office seeking comment on additional details in a highway patrol statement was not returned immediately.

Nancy Pelosi on Sunday delivered a speech at the opening at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Paul and Nancy Pelosi have been married since 1963.

Pelosi was first reported by TMZ.

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