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The University of East Carolina is sponsoring a virtual screening and discussion of the film “Breaking the Pain Scale,” which explores systems that have been ineffective in curbing the opioid epidemic and solutions that drug experts have begun to implement. The screening will take place on Tuesday at 14:00, the discussion will take place at 16:00

North Carolina Addiction Professionals (APNC), along with NC University Systems, Independent Colleges and Universities, and the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition, are running the show as part of a series of free events across the state. After each survey, experts in the field will discuss how policies and services can be changed to better address the opioid crisis and overdose in North Carolina and the needs of their particular region. The goal is to foster a meaningful discussion that focuses on solutions that will move forward and impact lasting change in the state. The events are free and virtual for all participants.

“Breaking the Pain Scale” not only tells the stories of people affected by addiction, but also shows where modern systems are breaking down and unable to help so many people in need. These conversations are particularly important now in the wake of the double addiction pandemics and COVID-19 and the sharp increase in deaths from despair. We need to reconsider how we approach the way we care for the people, our front-line behavioral health workers and the systems that manage and lead these services, “said Sarah Potter, APNC’s executive director.” , recording for the first time more than 100,000 deaths in a 12-month period.

“Policies still do not meet the needs of the field and those in need of treatment. COVID-19 has raised awareness of mental health and addiction enough to provide more funding in these areas, but without updated policies and a better distribution system no large-scale change can occur. At APNC, we liaise through free events like this to allow legislators to hear directly from those they serve and those who provide direct services in this area. These connections will lead to a meaningful and sincere conversation, which, I hope, will lead to significant changes. “

APNC is the only professional membership organization in North Carolina with a legislative voice that speaks exclusively on behalf of addiction professionals, organizations, and the communities they serve. Thanks to the Community for Prevention, Harm Reduction, Treatment and Recovery, APNC members share what they see in their communities, and APNC ensures that this information is available to lawmakers and government officials.

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