Election Commission rejects Democrats’ attempt to oust Republican MP over January 6 “uprising”

MP Jim Banks on Friday witnessed an attempt by the Democratic candidate to disqualify him from voting in connection with the events of January 6.

The Indiana State Election Commission, which is equally divided between Democrats and Republicans, voted unanimously to reject Mr. Banks’ right to vote, Aaron “Jay” Culkins, a Democratic nominee to fight Mr. Banks in the 3rd State Congress. The county that includes Fort Wayne.

Mr Culkins challenged Mr Banks, arguing that the legislature, which heads the Republican Education Committee, had supported the “violent uprising” and participated in a coup attempt that would have disqualified the incumbent’s re-election application under section 3rd or 14th Amendment to US Constitution

This section prohibits elected officials from holding office if they “participated in or rebelled” against the United States.

“Democrats in Congress know they are toasting after November. Instead of waging a fair fight or pursuing a policy to help Americans and their chances in the election, they are trying to falsify the game, ”Mr Banks said in a statement following the election commission’s decision.

“Many Democrats in Washington are hoping to introduce the 14th Amendment to deprive President Trump of 74 million voters. I hope they looked at today’s unanimous decision, “he said, warning that he hoped to bring President Biden’s administration to justice after 2022.

Mr. Banks was one of several Republicans in the House of Representatives and Senate who opposed the approval of the Biden presidential election in some states on January 6, 2021.

A similar challenge against running for re-election comes with a representative of Madison Cowthorne, a Republican from North Carolina. There, the Electoral Council is considering removing Mr. Couthorn from the 2022 ballot in connection with his allegations of an attack on the Capitol.

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