Evergreen Public Schools athletic directors are reacting to the news that their jobs will be cut

“These are the children,” he said. “It’s a trickle-down effect. There are things that we do and things that we create, whether it’s programming, scheduling, facilities, kids are going to be the ones who miss those opportunities.”

The other two athletic directors — Mountain View’s Adam Matheson and Evergreen’s Christian Swain — declined to comment. Both are also their school’s head football coaches.

All athletic director positions are different, but the list of responsibilities is not short. This includes game scheduling, transportation, hiring and firing, eligibility, grade checking, budgeting, event control, fielding referees and officials, overseeing facilities and maintenance, and maintaining relationships with everyone from coaches to athletes. to parents and community members – just to name a few.

Leta Meyer, a retired Evergreen Public Schools athletic director and coach who spent 20 years as Heritage’s principal and 36 years with the district, can’t understand the district’s appeal. She initially expressed her frustration and disappointment on social media on Tuesday night.

“You’re taking the heart out of athletic programs,” Meyer told The Columbian on Thursday. “This is not a very good decision for athletics in the Evergreen School District. See how successful many of our programs are. When you cut the budget, you want to make cuts that don’t affect kids, but that’s not happening.”

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