Expect construction at Pioneer Park Puyallup this year


The new restroom building will have red brick walls, a pitched roof and two family restrooms.

It will look a little different in the fall in Pioneer Park.

The city of Puyalap plans to renovate the toilet building in Pioneer Park. The new restroom will have about 1,222 square feet and will include two family restrooms in addition to females and males.

“Pioneer Park has become a place for family vacations, especially in summer. Having these family restrooms will increase the attractiveness of the park and complement the existing functions of the park, ”said Sarah Harris, director of parks and recreation. news release.

Construction is expected to begin in October. The City Council approved the project concept at a meeting on January 25. The new toilet will have red brick walls and a sloping roof.

The total cost of repairing the restroom is about $ 1.59 million. The funds will come from a grant program of state funding for local infrastructure.

The toilet was built in 1990. There were problems with plumbing and sanitation, city spokesman Eric Johnson said. The restroom is also “very dark and cavernous,” which is a safety concern for people who use it, he said.

Johnson said the “turning point” was when in 2014 the city installed a spray park nearby. He said more people were using the toilets, which exacerbated problems with plumbing and sanitation.

“They’ve just outlived their useful lives,” Johnson said.

The Pioneer Park is home to events such as the Farmer’s Market and the Meeker Days Festival.

The city is working with a consultant to get a detailed estimate and design of the building, Johnson said. The city plans to apply for construction during the summer.

Angelica Relente covers topics that affect the communities of East Pier County. She began an internship in news in June 2021.

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