External media to cut staff when it switches from print to digital

Outside Inc., publisher of more than 20 magazines dedicated to leisure and fitness, including Outside, will lay off 66 full-time employees and liquidate three magazines:

  • Beta versionwhich focuses on mountain bikes.
  • Pelaton (not a virtual cycling campaign) that focuses on cycling.
  • Oxygenwhich focuses on training for women.

This step occurs when a company moves from print to digital content. The news came just months after Outside magazine withdrew its petition to the National Labor Office for union elections.

“As many members of the media industry see the future of the media, we are making a coordinated shift from high print to more focus on exciting video and digital storytelling,” the company said in an e-mail. “With this change, Outside has made the difficult but necessary decision to reduce the number of staff to 66 full-time employees across the organization.”

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