Fayola named her Washington Post correspondent

Anthony Fayola

The following excerpt was sent out The Washington Post foreign editor Douglas Jell and interim deputy foreign editor Susan Levin:

We are happy to report this Anthony Fayola will be a great correspondent, a great work that will draw on the experience, agility and talent that have long allowed Tony to do almost anything when it comes to international reporting.

In fact, little has Tony yet done as a foreign correspondent. For 28 years at The Post, he was head of offices in Buenos Aires, Tokyo, London, Berlin, and since 2017 – in South America and the Caribbean, based in Miami. (Meanwhile, he served as head of the New York bureau and correspondent for the world economy in Washington.)

At this point, we asked Tony to play an important role in covering global responses to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

We expect that for most of 2022 he will be reporting both from Europe and from a distance, bringing his high-altitude perspective and knowledge to the earth in history, using his ability to write with scope and scope. In the future, his focus will expand to more thematic coverage of subjects that go beyond, but at the same time he will be able to consolidate high-priority reports.

With Tony’s transition to a more global role, The Post correspondents in Mexico City, Bogota and Toronto will take on additional coverage responsibilities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Tony joined The Post in 1994 and has reported for newspapers from more than 60 countries on six continents. He graduated from the International University of Florida, received a bachelor’s degree in journalism, and was an innovator there with the Knight Foundation. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the National Press Foundation Award for Innovative Narrative for the Barriers Project.

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