Firefighters, encouraged to collect, win

“The EMS collection helps us provide a basic livelihood through firefighters / EMTs and an extended livelihood with paramedics,” the Fire District 6 press release said. , personal protective equipment, especially for COVID-19, and equipment replacement ”.

Clark-Kawlitz Fire and Rescue

The Clark-Kowlitz Fire and Rescue Service is demanding an EMS charge of $ 0.45 to $ 0.50 per $ 1,000 worth of property to fund paramedic positions. A resident in the agency’s service area with a home for $ 500,000 will pay an additional $ 19 to $ 21 per month or $ 225 to $ 250 per year.

The agency will use the funds to hire 21 new staff, ensuring that three firefighters will be on duty each day, at least one of whom will be a paramedic. The Clark-Kowlitz Fire and Rescue Service is also looking to purchase two ambulances and other ambulance equipment, hire an ambulance training officer and provide ongoing training for paramedics, the press release said.

“Part of the problem is caused by the low level of CCFR personnel,” Clark-Coleitz Fire Chief John Norr said in a press release. “Because the CCFR typically has only two staff in each of our five emergency response units each day, we are often required to send two units to high-priority incidents to get enough staff to the scene to alleviate the problem. Response time increases when we have to send units from afar to cover units that are already in another emergency. ”

In 2021, the Clark-Kowlitz Fire and Rescue Service responded to approximately 18 percent more emergencies than in 2020, and nearly 60 percent more than in 2016, the press release said. The agency said the response time has increased by 11 percent since 2019.

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