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Firefighters help rescue an elevator on Point Fosdick Drive


Editor’s note: This blotting paper is compiled from recent Gig Harbor Police reports and Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One reports.

A Gig Harbor Police officer saw a woman pushing a shopping cart full of unpackaged merchandise around 7:30pm on November 12th in the Marshalls parking lot at 4601 Point Fosdick Dr.

The woman was pushing a cart behind a silver Ford F-150, which, according to the police report, had no license plates.

The officer got out of the patrol car and saw that the woman had thrown some items under the truck and other items into nearby bushes.

He then walked around the truck and saw a woman standing with a shopping cart containing several items with a web of wire, which is an anti-theft device attached to the merchandise, according to the report.

Many items had Marshall tags attached. The officer believed that the items were stolen by a woman.

He told the woman she was under arrest on suspicion of shoplifting and tried to handcuff her, but she pulled away and ran away, the report said.

He ran after her and told her to stop or he would take her. She disobeyed, and he, according to the report, tackled her.

She apologized for shoplifting and said she ran away because she was scared.

She told the officer she was not the driver of the Ford. The driver was inside Marshalls.

She also told him that the truck was stolen, but that she didn’t steal it and just asked for a ride.

The officer requested another unit. As soon as the other officer arrived, the chief officer went to the Marshalls.

Management told the officer that the driver was in the upstairs restroom with merchandise.

The officer entered the bathroom and contacted the woman who was in the cubicle, the report said.

The woman was arguing and did not want to leave the stall, according to the report.

During this time, officers confirmed that the Ford F-150 was stolen.

The officer told the woman in the bathroom that her associate outside had already identified her as the driver of the stolen Ford and that she needed to exit the stall.

A few minutes later she opened the stall door. The officer tried to handcuff her behind her back, but she pulled away and tried to turn around.

The officer told her that if she continued to resist, she would be taken to the ground. The bear hugged her from behind, lowered her to the ground and flipped her onto her back, the report said.

As she lay on her stomach, he handcuffed her. Then she began to simulate an overdose. The officer told her to stop faking an overdose and she became cooperative, the report said.

She told him she had no idea the Ford was stolen and that she had put the keys to the truck in the trash can at the kiosk.

The registered owner of the Ford F-150 requested that the vehicle be impounded. The goods stolen by the woman have been returned, the report says.

Both women were taken to a location in Tacoma, where officers released them after being issued trespassing warnings.

The officer also told the driver that they would forward the case on suspicion of third-degree theft to the prosecutor’s office, who would decide whether or not to charge her.

Point Fosdick Drive Emergency Lift

A group of people got stuck in an elevator shortly before 2 p.m. Nov. 11 in the 4600 block of Point Fosdick Drive, the fire agency said in a news release.

The Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One crew was met by the building manager.

The manager told them the “elevator was stuck with customers inside on the bottom floor, but the doors would not open,” according to the report.

The crew used the elevator key to open the elevator doors and confirmed that the car was on the first floor.

“Engine 51 manipulated the mechanism to open the vehicle door and the three occupants exited unharmed,” the report said.

After leaving the customers, the manager turned off the electricity to the elevator and called the foreman.

The car leaves through the front door of the building

Gig Harbor Fire and Medic One crews were dispatched around 2 p.m. Nov. 10 to the Mattress Firm at 4784 Borgen Blvd., after a vehicle crashed into the front door.

Once they arrived, “they secured the vehicle and inspected it for any unreported damage,” the report said.

They also assessed the building and found no structural damage.

“Crews advised store employees not to use the door and to have the door structurally evaluated by a specialist,” the report said.

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