Firefighters say a missing woman was found on a slope in Nevada


Firefighters helped pull the woman to safety after she was found on a steep slope in Nevada.

Reno Fire Service

A woman who disappeared on Valentine’s Day was found pressed against a tree on a “steep slope” in Nevada, rescuers told news agencies.

Gail Stewart was on Monday declared missingFebruary 14 after leaving home in Reno around 8 am, according to News 4. The Reno Police Department that day began searching for the 64-year-old man.

Family and friends toured the area looking for Stewart. One man, a friend of Stewart’s son, began searching on a nearby rock, the Fire Department said.

The salvation is “a kind of miracle history, ”said KOLO Chief of the Fire Battalion Seth Williams.

The woman was found 400 feet from the road, clinging to a tree, the news agency reported. She was on a steep slope, firefighters said.

“The son called friends to start her search, and one of the boys just decided to get off the cliff, thinking she might have fallen there and found she was clinging to a tree,” Williams told the news outlet. “He said the last thing she said was ‘help,’ and then he didn’t talk anymore.”

Firefighters responded to the area to help stabilize the woman. They spent about 30 minutes setting up a rescue system to pull Stewart to safety and get her back on the road, the fire department said.

The woman was taken to hospital, recovery is expected, KOLO reports.

Maddie Kapron is a real-time news reporter for McClachy, focusing on nature and wildlife in the western United States.

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