Five raiders are the spring national teams – Washington Daily News

Sophomore Katie Baxter helped the Raiders freshman win the conference title and advance to the state’s second playoff round. (Sent)

The Pungo Christian Academy had five athletes selected to the NCISAA nationwide teams for three different spring sports.

Junior Reagan Stup has appeared for the fifth consecutive NCISAA 1A national softball team. In the nationwide team Stop from seventh grade. She finished the year with an average score of .604 with 29 hits and 29 RBI. She played 23 matches on the mound, going 20-3 with a 0.38 ERA and 173 strikeouts.

Sophomore Melanie Rutledge has performed softball for the fourth time in a row in all states. Rutledge also received a nationwide grade from seventh grade. She hit 0.500 with 27 hits and 31 RBI.

Freshman Emma Hannah first appeared in the state softball team. She finished with an average batting of 0.468, along with 22 strokes and 13 RBI.

The Lady Raiders won the Tar Heel Independent Conference Championship with a 7-1 record and battled Cape Fear Academy in the final battle of the state’s three-game state tournament final before falling in one race.

Sophomore Katie Baxter has appeared in the NCISAA 1A Girls Soccer All-State for the second time in a row. She led the Raiders in goals and assists, scoring 26 times and scoring 18 more.

Baxter moved from the Christ Covenant School in Winterville and helped the Raiders freshman program get a title at the conference after the 1-4 start. The PCA finished 8-1 in the league and 12-6 overall with a place in the state’s second playoff playoffs.

Junior Sam Warren made his first appearance in the NCISAA 1A Boys All-State Golf Team, finishing ninth in this year’s state tournament.

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