For Heat, no championship has made the season feel like a “waste”

Miami (AP) – Disappointed Bam Adebayo tore his shirt as he left the court after the final …

Miami (AP) – A frustrated Bam Adebayo tore his shirt off as he left the court after the last beep. Eric Spoelstra made no effort to hide his sadness over how the Miami Heat season ended. Kyle Lowry said the year was wasted.

The hope was to spend Tuesday in a flight to the NBA Finals.

Instead, the heat enters the off-season making.

The team, which was assembled with the sole purpose of winning the championship, will spend the next few months complaining about the chance that slipped away. The Miami season ended in a 7-game home defeat by the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals, depriving Heath of his second trip to the NBA Finals in three seasons.

“You don’t know how many more opportunities you have to go back to that, so for me, frankly, it was a waste of the year,” Lowry said after his first season with Heath ended. “I play only to win the championship. It was fun and I appreciate the guys, my teammates and I appreciate the opportunity. But for me it’s a waste of the year. You will not win the championship, it is a wasted year. “

The Heath had the best result in the East in the regular season, 53-29. They did it without a player who was selected to the All-NBA team – Miami was only the sixth No. 1 in the last four decades without choosing the first, second or third team.

“You’ve been fighting so hard over the season, the ups and downs, the injuries, the disrespect, and you’re still finding a way to get so close,” said Adebayo, a Miami center-timer who claimed the title of best defensive player of the year. “It’s rude.”

Votes for NBA awards were cast at the end of the regular season. If the playoffs were credited, Jimmy Butler would be recognized worldwide. He joined LeBron James as the only two players in Heath’s history to have spent a year in at least eight 30-point playoff games over the first three rounds, ending his playoff series with a 47-point season in Game 6 of Boston. and then 35 more in the final.

“We had enough,” Butler said. “Next year we will have enough and we will immediately return to the same situation and we will do it.”

If the Heat had won the 7th game over Boston, no one knows who they might even face the Golden State in the NBA Finals. Tyler Era, who was named the sixth man of the year, was dealing with a groin injury. Strong forward PJ Tucker was unable to finish the 7th game after continuing most of the postseason with leg problems. Lowry’s hamstring hadn’t been in the right order for over a month. Butler was clearly ill, although he insisted that he was all right.

“It’s very emotional,” said Spoelstra, who finished his 14th season as a Heat coach. “We just wanted cracks in that. Crack at Golden State, and just find out you know how to compete. I love this band. This team was here to fight for the title. In that regard, I think we have lived up to those expectations. But we didn’t have enough. We will never know, and this is the part we will have to live with. “


Herro didn’t have great performance after the season, at least due to a groin problem, but there was a year that probably exceeded expectations overall. He wasn’t worried about not starting, and realized that the role of the sixth man had always been an important part of Spoelstra’s game plans. He is eligible for a 4-year contract extension, and a clear priority for Heat this summer is finding out how much they will be able to pay Herro starting in the 2023-24 season when a new deal begins.


Tucker is 37 years old, he is short to be a forward at 6 feet 5 and has never scored an average of 10 points in an NBA season. Often this is not a very good combination. But – provided Tucker abandons his second-year deal with the Heat, which seems to make sense – it would be shocking if Miami didn’t fight for his content, given the huge impact he made on the Heat in his first year with the club . Spoelstra loves what he brings, as does the rest of the locker room.


Duncan Robinson, a three-point specialist who often prospered during his time in Miami, won a contract worth about $ 18 million last season, sometimes losing a stroke this year, then losing his starting position and eventually his place of rotation. Back in April, he scored 27 points in the opening after the Heath season and then scored 46 points in 17 games that Miami played in the rest of the playoffs (and didn’t even get into five of them). It will not be surprising if it is a trading chip when the heat, as they often do, tests the market in search of major updates.


Given the playoffs, Heath has scored 4,171 points this season from undefeated players – the most among any NBA team in the last 50 years. Max Strus and Gabe Vincent have been key players in the rotation and remain in the Heath on friendly deals for next season.


In this year’s draft in Miami, number 27 was chosen. “Heath” lost the choice in the second round as part of a fine imposed by the NBA after an investigation revealed that the team began pursuing Lowry last summer before league rules allowed.


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