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Fortnite Leaks Reveal Pirates of the Caribbean Skins, Ghost Ship, and POI


Recent Fortnite leaks have unveiled upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean skins and other in-game assets that have been highly anticipated. This collaboration, long in development, is set to go live soon according to information from prominent leakers and data miners like HYPEX, ShiinaBR, and iFireMonkey.

With ongoing Fortnite downtime today (June 22, 2024), more content is expected to be revealed. Reports suggest that a new Point of Interest (POI), likely a massive pirate ship, will be introduced in the game as part of this collaboration.

The leaks specifically detail four new skins from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise: Captain Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Hector Barbossa, and Elizabeth Swann. There’s also speculation that other characters such as Will Turner and Anamaria could join later updates.

In addition to the skins, leaks indicate that a Pirate Ship POI will grace the Fortnite island, promising new exploration and adventure opportunities. Information from leaker Wensoing suggests this addition will enrich the game’s landscape.

Moreover, the leaks hint at associated quests and challenges tied to the collaboration, possibly under a new Pirates of the Caribbean Pass. Alongside these updates, a new item known as the Ship In A Bottle is expected to be introduced into Fortnite’s loot pool. Similar to Dota 2’s Kunkka’s Ghostship ability, this item could unleash a ghostly ship to crash into opponents, potentially causing significant damage.

As anticipation builds, Fortnite players eagerly await further details and the official launch of the Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration, poised to inject new excitement into the game.