Fox News’ wish is Kevin McCarthy’s order

In order to get enough votes to be elected Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy made a deal with right-wing extremists in the GOP. It now appears that part of that deal included the sale of the police force that guards the United States Capitol.

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green — a neo-Confederate who has recently spoken of a “divorce” between red and blue states — is unhappy with the Justice Department’s prosecution of rioters who stormed the Capitol and fought with police on Jan. 1. September 6, 2021. She and her associates at the Republican Party meeting do not consider rioters to be criminals; they see them as patriots. In fact, Green brazenly stated that if she had led the attack, the attack would have succeeded.

McCarthy and Green became cozy allies during the battle to win the speaker’s gavel. To pay back Greene and her faction and curry favor with the larger MAGA crowd that dominates the GOP, the speaker flips all the Jan. 6 surveillance footage from the Capitol to their most famous apologist, Tucker Carlson.

Carlson, the neat, proud Fox News boy, is expected to have viewed all this footage to create a false alternative scenario of what happened during the attack; at least that’s what Greene and company hope. And their hopes are fully justified. Despite the hard facts revealed last year by a House committee on Jan. 6 proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the attack was planned and carried out by militant supporters of President Donald Trump, Carlson found it convenient to dismiss those findings. And we know from the revelations in Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation lawsuit against Fox that Carlson never lets the truth get in the way of promoting lies that appeal to his audience.

McCarthy may have been appeasing Green by giving exclusive access to the January 6 security tape to a vocal defender of the rebels, but the speaker’s connivance is a betrayal of the men and women of the Capitol Police who fought and bled to protect him on that terrible day of sedition and disgrace.

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