Free fishing weekend in WA, set by Fish and Wildlife

Anyone can fish for free – no license required – in Washington State on June 11-12.

Subscription Discover for parking in Washington State Parks, the State Department of Fish and Wildlife and the State Department of Natural Resources will also not be needed this weekend.

Every year on the first weekend after the first Monday in June in Washington there is a free fishing weekend to help introduce people to fishing.

Bipolar confirmations are also not required this weekend. Confirmation allows fishermen to use two fishing rods on most freshwater lakes, ponds, some sections of rivers and some marine areas.

However, other fishing rules apply, including size restrictions, bag limits, accounting card requirements and some closures of fishing zones.

Free fishing in Washington this year – June 11-12. This is Blue Lake on the Toucanon River. File Bulletin of Wall Wall

Catch cards are required for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, halibut and Puget Sound crab. They can be picked up at places where fishing licenses are sold.

To learn about all the rules of fishing, go to the page

For more information, including places where trout were recently buried, see

Great autumn fishing
Free fishing in Washington this year – June 11-12. Bob Brody Tri-City Herald file

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