Futuristic composition in the form of hexagonal lists in California

In the secluded peaks of the Los Angeles Hills is a marvel of architecture that has appeared on the market for $ 9.8 million.

While the house, which is hidden in the Tujung area above one of the country’s most famous zip codes, seems to have a futuristic flair emanating from its core, in fact the house is a few buildings that were built decades later.

The oldest building was built in 1953 by Austrian-American architect Richard Neutro, a modernist known for his work in the Los Angeles area, for his secretary Dorothy Serunik, according to a list on Compass. And, without resentment at other buildings on the property, the original turns out to be the coolest.

With two bedrooms and a bathroom, a residence of 1,350 square feet has glass walls, a stone fireplace and an original sofa system equipped with a player and hidden speakers, ”says Mansion Global.

However, the new main house has its own. Built in 2010 by architect Michael Malzan, the house boasts a heptagonal design with a patio. The current owner, Michael “Flea” Balzarafounder and bassist of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers, in 2021 ordered an extension to the manor of 875 square feet, according to Dirt.

Balzari bought the house for $ 4.3 million four years ago, Dirt said.

Other amenities on site include:

  • Smoked garden of succulent plants

  • Open film pavilion

  • 50-foot pool

According to the list, there is a third building on the territory of the property: a one-room cabin.

The list is held by Gray Rogers and Eliza Riet of Compass.

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