Gig Harbor loses to Rainier Beach in 3A state basketball


Will Landrom’s Will Landrom shouts to teammate Christian Parish after a foul on the Rainier Beach Vikings during the WIAA 3A Boys Basketball State Championships quarterfinals at Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington, on Thursday, March 3rd. 2022. Rainier Beach won the game, 65-60.

The Gig Harbor High School youth basketball team dug itself out of an early pit against Rainier Beach in the quarterfinals of the state class 3A tournament at Tacoma Doom on Thursday afternoon, but failed to make the necessary stops in the fourth quarter, dropping 65-60.

Rainier Beach topped 12 at one point at the start, Gig Harbor looking somewhat overwhelmed from the tip.

“I think we were a bit stellar-eyed, we were on our heels from the start,” said Gig Harbor coach Billy Landram. “The beach was supposed to play yesterday, so they got a little more used to the environment. But we fought back and had our chances. “

02WillLandram JaelinGreen.jpg
Will Landrom’s Will Landrom is strangled by Rainier Beach defender Jaelin Green as they fight in the keys during the WIAA 3A Boys’ Basketball Championship quarterfinals for boys at Tacoma Doom in Tacoma, Washington, on Thursday, March 3, 2022. Beach won the game, 65-60. Tony Overman

For most of the first half Gig Harbor striker Luke Brown alone carried the Tides offense, knocking down punches from behind the arc. He finished with 18 points behind Tides and knocked down 4 of 9 shots from a distance of 3 points in defeat.

“Just preparation, preparation for the moment and the right mentality, always ready to shoot,” Brown said of his efforts.

07Christian Parish NachmierRobinson.jpg
Christian Parish of Gig Harbor flies down the runway against Rainier Beach quarterback Namier Robinson during the WIAA 3A Boys ’Basketball Championship quarterfinals in Tacoma, Washington, on Thursday, March 3, 2020, 65-60. Tony Overman

Landram said Brown is not worried about this moment.

“He’s a really good player,” Landram said. “He is not embarrassed by the situation, the pressure, something like that. So this moment wasn’t going to be too big for him. He literally carried us all the first half. He can shoot shots. We try to get him the ball as much as possible, usually the other team tries to stop him at every opportunity. “

Gig Harbor beat Rainier Beach 17-12 in the third quarter and tied the game in the fourth, but the Vikings defeated the Tides 18:11 in the final and scored 55.1 percent off the field in the win.

“It was hard,” Brown said. “We started a little slow, but we’re a bunch of fighters. We are proud to return from such things. It was a great back and forth game and it all came down to who made a couple of throws in the end. “

Guard Gig Harbor Will Landrom managed to score 19 points in the game when shooting from a field of 8 out of 11, despite playing on an injured ankle. Throughout the competition Landram never looked at full strength and seemed to exacerbate the injury again in the fourth quarter.

Will Landrom’s Will Landrom was stopped in the basket by Rainier Beach defenders Miles Damon (left) and Josh Connelly Jr. during a quarterfinal game on Thursday afternoon of the WIAA 3A Boys Basketball State Championships at Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Wacomot, Wacomot, 3 March 2022, Rainier Beach won the game with a score of 65-60. Tony Overman

“I don’t know,” said Billy Landram, Will’s father. “He’s very excited to play Dome and you’re not going to sit down if you get the chance. We wanted to be in full force, but he struggled. What is the alternative? ”

Rainier Beach was led by Namier Robinson (son of Nate Robinson) and Jaelin Green, who scored 15 points each. Miles Damon and Josh Connery Jr. scored 11 points each.

Rainier Beach will meet the winner of the game Mount Spokane against Mountlake Terrace in the semifinals on Friday, and Gig Harbor will meet the loser in this game in the consolation net at 10:30 on Friday.

John Manley covers high school sports for The News Tribune. Winner of the McClatchy President’s Award and a graduate of the University of Gonzaga, Manley has been covering the South Sound sports scene since 2013. Born and raised in Tacoma.

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