Gonzaga defeats Santa Clara, winning the WCC title in the regular season

SPOKAN, WASHINGTON – The night Gonzaga honored the four seniors, the highest-ranked bulldogs also won the WCC regular season title, defeating Santa Clara 81-69.

Despite the victory, Hansa had a hard time hitting the ball, getting only 40% off the field and 34% from the arc. The Broncos were able to reduce the Bulldogs ’lead to just 6 in the second half, but Andrew Nembhard and Chet Holmgren inflicted big 3-point shots to help Hansaga finally break away from Santa Clara in the final minutes.

This title was the 10th in a row for Gonzaga as they extended their unbeaten streak at home to 67 games. The last time the Bulldogs were shot down at home was in January 2018, meaning none of the players on the current roster were defeated at the McCarthy Sports Center.

In addition to Rassire Bolton, Andrew Nembhard, Matthew Lang and Will Graves, there will be questions about whether this was the last home game for Drew Tim and Chet Holmgren, both of whom could declare their participation in the NBA after the match. season.

Gonzaga will now complete the regular season with a trip to the Bay area, where he will meet San Francisco (21-7) on Thursday and Sant Mary (22-6) on Saturday night.

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