Good taste: in Lucy, the master Pizzaola spins memorable pizzas

Giulio Adrianiall life is pizza. He has been in the game for almost four decades, working as a pizza chef, pizza consultant and instructor, overseeing the opening of about 100 pizzerias and, according to his estimates, turning over millions of pies. Along the way he earned trophies at the World Pizza Championships and the World Pizza Championships as well in the Guinness Book of Records for helping to make the longest pizza in the world: length 1.3 miles.

When I first met him, he was wearing a white Italian football jacket with the inscription “Caputo” adorned with a red front, all caps. If you cut it, I’m sure it would bleed the shredded San Marzano tomatoes.

Giulio Adriani Credit: Nevin Martel

Although Adriani lives in New York, where he is a co-owner and chef Farcela and Rosie Pizza Barand spends time traveling around the world – to Las Vegas, Mumbai, Hawaii, Canada and elsewhere – consulting on projects, his latest ventures Lucy and A piece and a pielocated on the corner 14th Street and Florida Avenue on the NW. The first is a lively, fresh pizza bar; the latter aims to become a classic New York-style pizzeria. They are a partnership with the co-founders Peter Bane, Jeff Dawsonand Todd Galaida a tin shop that owns many ponds throughout the city, including Franklin Hall next to Tall boy in Shaw, and Beer Astro in the metro Center.

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