Google Cloud and the government of Central Holland have signed a workspace agreement for the public sector News

Google Workspace will give the Dutch central government more flexibility and choice for collaboration and performance by supporting new hybrid work environments

AMSTERDAM, May 30, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Today Google Cloud announced that it has signed a new agreement with the Center Government of the Netherlands this will allow the Dutch public sector to take advantage of Google Workspace’s suite of tools and offerings. This is a new agreement that is in line with Google Workspace for Education agreement signed last year, will also help facilitate the adoption of multi-clouds for Central Dutch public sector entities such as public departments.

The aim of the new agreement is to make it easier and more efficient for Central Dutch public sector entities to use the full range of Google Workspace tools on pre-defined terms. Organizations will be able to take full advantage of a range of technologies, including industry-leading tools such as chat, documents, meetings and spreadsheets, which provide better digital services to Dutch citizens and support new hybrid work environments.

In 2020, the Center Government of the Netherlands have launched a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) in Google Workspace, and representatives of the Dutch education sector have launched DPIA on Google Workspace for Education, which is a standard step if such institutions want to acquire some new technology. DPIAs help organizations better understand how companies process and protect personal data, and define parameters for GDPR compliance. As a result of this process, the central government of the Netherlands, organizations / institutions of the Dutch education sector and Google Cloud have agreed and will continue to work together on DPIA recommendations.

“This is an important milestone in Google Cloud’s relationship with the Dutch central government, as we see the results of the DPIA. We have developed Google Workspace products and solutions, including Google Workspace for Education, to ensure and protect the privacy of our customers. Our tools will provide The Dutch public sector with strong security and confidentiality requirements, and we look forward to supporting more choice and flexibility for public sector actors and are already doing so for educational institutions around the world. The Netherlandsproviding access to innovative solutions with the latest security and greater resilience, ”said Joris Shunis, Head of Google Cloud at Benelux.

This agreement marks a new chapter in the ongoing relationship between the central government of the Netherlands, the Dutch public sector organizations and Google Cloud.

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