Graffiti in the Wyoming Wildlife Sanctuary turns out to be bird poop


The “poorly painted” rock found in the Wyoming National Wildlife Refuge is actually covered in bird poop, not paint, says US Fish and Wildlife.

Tom Kerner / photo by USFWS

A shameless example of graffiti vandalism at the Wyoming Preserve has led the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to a somewhat disgusting conclusion.

Eye pain at Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge it’s not graffiti – and not even paint.

“You may be wondering why we are posting a photo of a badly painted rock,” wildlife officials wrote on Facebook on February 17.

“The rock, in fact, is not painted. This is bird whitewash. This whitewash indicates that the bird (most likely a predator) has chosen this rock as its favorite perch to search for prey. The white you see is actually bird droppings. ”

Investigators aren’t sure which bird – or birds – are to blame, but they obviously fed well.

Wildlife publishes photos to show the public how it is easier for them to discover “a favorite place for birds to rest.” The shelter is located about 65 miles southwest of Casper.

The post received thousands of reactions and comments, including many puns and Jackson Pollock’s pun.

Some people have offered alternative interpretations of what a spot might be, including the notion that a bird – or birds – deliberately created what looks like a face out of it stick out your tongue.

“Mom told me when I was little that birds brush their teeth?” Jim Brownjabka posted on Facebook.

“Obviously someone’s car is parked downstairs” Joshua Houdin said.

“It’s a lot of poop,” Kimberly Hower added.

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