Graham-Kapausin is likely to end the Kamas season, 97-95 in overtime

GRAM – Few landmarks are safe in the playoffs, especially for the road team.

The boys ’Camas basketball team gave up 17 points after three-quarters of Friday’s 4A game in two constituencies, which played with the regional winners, against Graham Capuchin, and seemed to get all the momentum after beating the Eagles 27-14 in the third.

After the Eagles began to see a few baskets fall to start the fourth, they along with the home crowd stepped up pressure on the Papermakers.

Graham-Kapausin’s return had many twists and turns, but after Camas sent the game into overtime due to Carson Froley’s schedule, the Eagles endured four extra minutes to win 97-95.

The Eagles won a place in the state regional round of Class 4A next week, while the Papermakers, playing their third game in a row with the losers, probably finished the season 20-4. However, Kamas will become an alternative to COVID if needed.

“The momentum has shifted, in fact, only because of their all-encompassing increased aggression,” said Kamas head coach Ryan Josephson. “But in fact the pace has increased in their favor.”

Kamas finished the third quarter 12-1, leading 71-54 to fourth, which was helped by two free throws from a technical foul against the Eagles bench.

In the fourth, it was difficult to pinpoint exactly where Kamas was wrong. One thing was for sure: Elijah Wood Graham-Capuchin was determined to bring back the Eagles.

Wood scored 23 of his 34 points in the fourth quarter and overtime, including a rematch in the main game about two minutes before the end.

Frowley, who finished with 32 points, struck a balance in the game 3.6 seconds before the game. Wood then caught the pass all over the field and scored a foul on the shot, but was unable to execute any of the free throws to secure the win.

“I felt they came out with new hope and strength by going into overtime,” Josephson said. “It was a call that I didn’t think should have been made in the first place. I think there was a small universe that balances things out. But again, we couldn’t hold back (Wood). He really got more active. “

Kamas took the lead in two separate cases in the first minute of overtime. Wood, however, scored a three-pointer to break the 86 draw. Then, after a potential bundle in Papermakers 3 was split, Wood dropped two free throws in the 10 seconds left to bring the Eagles to two possessions.

Stephen Bechil added 20 points for Kamas.

The Papermakers faced a difficult road to the Regionals, being second seed in the 4A Grand League of St. Helens, opening victories over South Kitsap and Kentwood. The last game, along with Friday, required long journeys.

Josephson acknowledged that there was a problem with this, although it was not a deterrent to papermakers. In fact, going back to last summer, Josephson said one of the band’s most notable traits was confidence in playing against anyone.

For most of the season Papermakers proved this at its peak.

“Part of what made that confidence true was how hard they worked together as a band for months and months before the season started,” Josephson said. “At every turn they put their money where in their mouth and (deserved) the right to be sure … they believed they could come out and win against anyone.

“It gives you an advantage when you step on the field and feel good about what the outcome will be.”


KAMAS – Luke Dyson 0, Beckett Curry 12, Josh Dobasinskas 4, Jace VanWorghis 7, Theo McMillan 4, Carson Froley 32, Quentin Allen 9, Stephen Bahill 20, Jamieson Carlisle 7. Overall 36 (11-17)

GRAMMER-COPAUSIN – Julian Mason 2, Elijah Kane 21, Joshua Wood 34, Isaiah Norris 0, Gabriel Rizani 8, Nicholas Hunter 3, Isaac Norris 0, Lucas McClendon 0, Christian Bala 23, Avery Eisler 5 (20) Total 20 34 97.

Kamas 21 23 27 10 14—95

GK 26 14 14 27 16—97

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