Have fun with friends – this is a big winner in the Clark County All-Star Game

RIDGEFIELD – For fans, Tuesday, Tuesday’s all-star baseball senior games in Clark County were a demonstration of the district’s top high school seniors.

The field included several Division I signatories, including Sam Boyle of Columbia River (Washington), Rice Walling of Prairie (Washington), Zach Hauser of Battle Ground (Utah) and Tyler Howard of Skyview (Portland).

For the players it was an opportunity to play with friends.

“Obviously I grew up playing with most kids,” Howard said. “My dad wore his Hazel Dell T-shirt from his back today when we were in the Little League. So it’s nice to see Sam Boyle, Henry Palmersheim (River) and Seth Minor (Skyview) … on duty and finally be here today. So it was a lot of fun. ”

Howard made an RBI double in the first game when all National League stars defeated the American League 6-1.

Another wrinkle of the series is that teammates during the season are put in opposing teams by these stellar teams.

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