How you can help hospitality workers during Inlander Restaurant Week


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SPOKAN, Washington. – Inlander Restaurant Week continues, and if you dine out, you are invited to help the restaurant staff.

Dinners can scan the QR code in the menu, which will make a donation to the Big Table, a nonprofit organization in Spokane that caters to the needs of hospitality workers. The organization intervenes financially to help employees who are in crisis or unable to make ends meet.

Each donation will be doubled thanks to a match from MultiCare.

“MultiCare is always looking for opportunities to support the community, and we look forward to participating in the long-standing tradition of Inner Northwest Restaurants Week,” said Daniel Bodin, MultiCare’s Director of Marketing and Communications.

“One thing COVID has done is to open the curtain on what’s going on behind the scenes in restaurants. Therefore, many people working in this industry are on the verge of falling behind and moving away from potential homelessness by only one or two accounts, ”said Chris Deitz, city director of Big Table for Spokane.

Find out more about the week restaurants here and click here to learn more about the Great Table.

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