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BANGKOK, September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HUAWEI CONNECT 2022, Huawei’s annual flagship event for the global ICT industry, kicked off today in Bangkok. The theme of this year’s event is Unleash Digital, bringing together more than 10,000 ICT industry leaders, experts and partners from around the world to explore how to more effectively unleash digital productivity, advance the digital economy and build stronger digital ecosystems.

At the event, Huawei shared the steps it is taking to promote digital development in a wide range of industries and launched more than 15 innovative cloud services for the global market.

Three initiatives to help all industries go digital

To start an event, Ken Huchairman of the board of Huawei, gave a keynote speech in which he outlined three ways the ICT ecosystem can help overcome common barriers to digital transformation:

  • Develop digital infrastructure, including more reliable connectivity and more powerful and diverse computing resources.
  • Help organizations move beyond simple cloud adoption and truly get the most out of the cloud by focusing on advanced technology services that drive rapid growth.
  • Build local digital ecosystems, including developing partners, strengthening the digital talent pool and providing greater support to SMEs.

GDP growth has been volatile for the past two years. However, the digital economy has recorded steady growth on a global scale of more than 15% in 2021. This has prompted many organizations to transform their operations and service offerings with next-generation digital technologies.

“Going digital is clearly the right choice,” Hu said. “The demand is there, and so is the technology. The world is unleashing digital productivity, and it’s happening right now.”

At the event, Huawei reaffirmed its commitment to open collaboration and shared success. The campaign called for governments and businesses to work more closely together to cultivate local digital ecosystems that create innovation partners, strengthen talent pools and support startups.

In his main report Simon Lynnpresident of the Asia-Pacific region of Huawei, released The first digital economy a technical document that delves into targeted policy proposals for creating a digital infrastructure and developing a digital economy in Asia-Pacific region region

Asia-Pacific region the region is at the forefront of the global digital landscape,” Lin said. “Huawei aims to become a key player in the region’s digital economy. We will continue to support its efforts in digitalization and sustainable development, as well as building the industry ecosystem.”

A three-day conference in Bangkok this is the first stop on the HUAWEI CONNECT Global Tour in 2022. Featuring two keynote sessions, six summits, and several breakout sessions and demonstrations, this year’s event delves into the challenges facing governments and enterprises at all stages of their digital transformation journey, Huawei’s achievements in digital infrastructure, and the company’s latest cloud services and partnerships ecosystem solutions.

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