I-90 American Freedom Convoy, supporters stop near Medical Lake

Medical Lake, Washington. – On Tuesday, an American convoy called I-90 passed through the inner northwest.

Truckers and people who wanted to express their support to them crowded in the parking lot near the exit from Medical Lake. It was just one stop on their week-long trip to Washington

People who met on Tuesday said they not only want to support Canadian convoy. They said that by appearing, they provide protection of their own medical freedom.

One of the women who passed by, Angela Cole, said she was fighting for the future of the country.

“In fact, it’s not just about vaccines, it’s not just about masks, it’s not just about where the power lies,” Cole said. “I am an American patriot and I believe that if I do not fight for the future of our children now, then she may not be what I want her to be for them in the future, so I am fighting for my children personally and I am I’m fighting for America. “

Convoy organizer Erin Kranz said it was about the freedom of medics.

“We are here to support these truckers who are defending our constitutional rights, which are being taken away from us,” Kranz said.

There is no federal mandate in the United States that requires vaccination of truckers. However Canada does. Without this, truck drivers cannot cross the border vaccination proof.

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Carol Claus said she doesn’t want that to happen here.

“We firmly believe that this will end in a few, but who will say that in a few weeks on the road, there is no other option that they are going to return our mandates,” – said Clause.

Clause said she was fighting for everyone’s freedom.

“We are all Americans and we have certain rights and freedoms that we want to preserve. And gradually the government is trying to take them away, and we want to prevent that, ”Klaus said.

The convoy will stay in the area overnight. He will begin his next leg of the trip to Missoula, Montana, at 8:30 p.m.

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