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SINGAPORE, May 30, 2022 / PRNewswire / – IDEG Asset Management Limited (IDEG), a professional digital asset manager, held its flagship 2022 Institutional Digital Asset Summit to share valuable information about the digital asset market. Topics covered include trends, opportunities and challenges that institutional investors are looking at, as well as targeting strategies in a changing crypto landscape.

Thematic »Take the Times“, the summit was held for two days from 26 to May 27, 2022 at Fairmont Singapore. Reflecting on the thematic focus of the summit, the speakers highlighted the changing nature of the digital asset ecosystem and how it provides opportunities despite the risks. According to the speakers, better regulation and stronger institutional support have increased the use of digital assets.

The summit was attended by more than 200 participants, including industry leaders and experts from crypto-firms, traditional financial institutions and regulators. Invited speakers from industry leaders, including the Monetary Department, spoke for two days. Singapore (MAS), PWC, BlockFI, Fireblocks and COINBASE, discussed the most pressing issues and megatrends that shape the modern crypto world – from Web 3.0 to NFT, the metaworld to De-Fi – as well as future big steps affecting institutional investors.

Raymond Yuanchairman of the CTH Group, IDEG support group, said: “Web 3.0 is inevitable. This is the next era of the Internet, which creates a whole new economic paradigm. We will witness a real globalization through decentralization, rules-based management models without permission, as well as new models such as X-earn that will redefine people’s work. Although we are seeing an increase in investment in this space, unanswered questions remain about “what’s next‘for the road ahead. Our first Institutional Summit of Digital Assets 2022 aims to encourage dialogue on how Web 3.0 institutions and technology leaders can navigate, collaborate and evolve in this wonderful new world. ”

MAC shared during a panel discussion that the crypto-ecosystem is a potentially transformative technology. This allows for the fractionation of high-value assets, which can open up new economic value, enhance financial integration and provide more continuous and efficient financial services. MAS added that its approach should be adaptive, constantly evolving and advisory as it is a fast paced space.

On the subject of making the crypt mainstream, Rishi Ramchandanihead of APAC at BlockFIexpressed an opinionCrypto is now in a confirmed state, and our team is working hard to reduce friction to encourage institutional partners to move into the crypto space. ”

Stephen Richardsonhead of APAC in Fireblocks, added, “We have noticed that the market is more cautious about future crypto projects and infrastructure, compared to past transactions where there has been more enthusiasm due to the rapid expansion of the crypto. We see that investors are doing more homework and due diligence in preparing for a difficult market ahead. ”

Wilson ChengAPAC Leader in Institutional Sales at COINBASE, shared his views on the adoption of digital assets in the traditional financial world. He expressed an opinion, “While it is interesting to see how many financial institutions recognize crypto as a real asset class, we believe it will take more time to teach the broader crypto world market.”

David Shin, head of global adoption at KlaytonHe also commented on the role that NFT will play in the coming years: “We see that Web 3.0 will stimulate NFT adoption in the next five years. Interestingly, second-level NFT adoption is becoming more functional and dynamic, and we have broad opportunities to draw on external data to create NFT, and we believe this will ultimately lead to change in the industry. ”

To conclude the two-day summit, Kevin Louhead of the investment information department and managing director of IDEGsaid: “Despite the uncertainty in the digital asset markets, the market sees that there are both short-term and long-term opportunities. In addition, this cycle is different from past crypto-winters. Compared to 2018, more institutional participation feature.” the “” recovery response will be stronger, which means that the recovery of digital assets will be faster than we have experienced in previous cycles. As a professional asset manager, we continue our mission to develop the market with best-in-class compliance strategies and value-added and service diversification. This event demonstrates the corporate reach and impact of IDEG on the vertical of digital assets and horizontal services, demonstrating strong advocacy for institutional standards and growth in the long run. ”

About IDEG

IDEG is a group of digital asset management companies. Founded Raymond Yuana strong supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, the company launched Asia the first Bitcoin Trust back in 2019, as well as other innovative products designed to provide institutional investors with customized solutions for digital assets that will help them take advantage of market opportunities.

IDEG is a digital asset management division of CTH Group, a leading firm in the field of blockchain and digital asset ecosystem. CTH Group also has a venture capital firm, Fundamental Labs, as well as Atlas, a provider of high-performance computing and bitcoin mining services. Founded in 2016, CTH Group occupies a variety of markets, including Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco and Miamicovering the major innovation centers in the blockchain ecosystem.

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