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Wake up and smell the heard, we go shopping for perfume.

If you are like me, you are absolutely afraid to go to Sephora. While you may enjoy trying out the latest eyeshadow palettes and fragrances, chances are you’ll face the inevitable moment when you try to make an agreed proposal for the exact fragrance you’re going to, to a perfumer who nods. . It seems like you’ve drunk too much caffeine and you feel like you’re wasting their time when the store is clearly overcrowded. It’s a shame. But never be afraid; this guide can help you skip the embarrassment. These six designer perfumes from Sephora are an investment, so I recommend them asking free samples to check if the fragrance is right for your daily activities or special occasions before committing.

1. Good girl Carolina Herrera

If you wanted the opportunity to realize your fatal fantasies, then the perfume Good Girl by Carolina Herrera – just for you. As a true fateful woman, this perfume attracts you with its sweet, seductive floral scent of jasmine and continues to kill the drunken smell of fine beans and the hint of lemon. Packaging unites everything. His high blue stiletto heel requires you to be the center of attention, just like you.

Get 1.7 ounces of this fragrance for $ 100 in Sephora.

2. Bleu de Chanel from Chanel

Who would I be if I neglected our Sternis? This woody French cologne contains notes of citrus, cedar, fine beans and vanilla that create a thick, bold and expressive presence. Although it is sold as a men’s cologne, this strong fragrance is the perfect choice for everyone who is part of their #billionairegrindset – spray it on yourself before you go on an Goldman Sachs internship. It is definitely strong, so there is no need to pour it. That means you can get a lot more out of it by giving you a better deal for the price you pay, but you already knew this from business school, right?

Get 1.7 ounces of this fragrance for $ 102 in Sephora.

3. Tom Ford’s Vanilla Tobacco

Tom Ford is the king of unique, versatile fragrances – and Tobacco Vanille proves it. Admittedly, this was the first fragrance I was looking for when I walked into the store because I heard rumors that Timothy Shalame was wearing this fragrance. I will not lie if I say that it was an acquired taste. Oh, who am I kidding? I was a little repulsed by the smell. The smoky tobacco seemed too domineering compared to the sweetness of the vanilla, reminiscent of the time when I burned ice cream trying to recreate the recipe for a delicious fried ice cream on Buzzfeed. But then something interesting happened. Continuing to jot down other perfumes, I couldn’t help but go back to that faint smell of cigarettes and pastries, the smell of St. Mark’s on Friday night. Was it the placebo effect of Shalame or just a natural adjustment? Anyway, I come to the conclusion that Tobacco Vanille is a great option for people who want to evoke a gentle but sweet aura.

Get 1.7 ounces of this fragrance for $ 270 in Sephora.

4. A copy of “Bbble Bath” by Maison Margiela

This fragrance is amazing for people who want to highlight this natural, casual beauty. There is no other way to describe this fragrance than soapy, clean and fresh, hence the name “Bbble Bath”. This fragrance is created from chords, perfume jargon for a scent developed from several ingredients, soap bubbles, coconut milk and white musk. “Bbble Bath” – one of the scents in the eclectic “Maison Margiela”Replica”Which includes a number of super-specific flavors such as“ Jazz Club ”and“ Beach Walk ”that smell exactly the way they sound.

Get one ounce this fragrance for $ 76 in Sephora.

5. Sauvage from Dior

At the first smell of heat and spices of this cologne will overwhelm you. The citrus bergamot and pepper nutmeg are so exciting and mysterious that when I smelled them, I was immediately reminded of the thoughtful love interests of the CEO from Wattpad Stories, which I read in high school. This is another strong fragrance that doesn’t require too much product to make an impact. This is a special gift for those who are approaching maturity and uniting – or at least trying to do so.

Get two ounces of this fragrance for $ 105 at Sephora.

6. Eau de parfum CANDY from Prada

Candy lovers are lucky with Prada perfumes that rot their teeth. The caramel base of the fragrance is the source of its namesake sweet-sweet smell. It is also saturated with musk, giving the scent extra sophistication and sensuality. This is a fantastic everyday fragrance created for the girl next door. It has an intoxicating and playful sweetness that makes you feel as if you came out of Dylan’s Candy Bar with a large plastic bag of candy per ounce every time you put it on.

Get 1.7 ounces of this fragrance for $ 96 at Sephora.

With these six versatile options to choose from, we hope the process of finding the right fragrance through all the confusing descriptions, fancy bottles and detergents from the coffee bean palette becomes a little less scary. Confidently march into the back of this Sephora!

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