In the show “Batman” is a guest: a real bat

Austin, Texas – Moviegoers in Austin, Texas, saw several types of bats during the screening of “Batman” this weekend.

Inside the cinema, a bat was spotted rushing to the cinema, pausing the film while management called for control of the animals and tried – unsuccessfully – to pull out the beast, KXAN reported on Friday.

The guests were offered to return the money, but most decided to leave them and watch the movie “Bat and All”, according to one moviegoer.

The Moviehouse & Eatery by Cinépolis says the bat was probably released to the cinema as a prank. Theater general manager Heidi Deno said they would “add extra security and check all bags when guests enter.”

No bites were reported during the incident. Less than 1% of bats in the wild suffer from rabies.

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