“Interesting to see growth”: Podium events bring millions of companies to Spokane

SPOKAN, Washington – World-class sporting events are held at The Podium this weekend in Spokane.

About 480 athletes, including Olympians and gold medalists, are participating in the 2022 U.S. Indoor Athletics Championships.

In just one weekend, this event brings millions of dollars of economic effects. The two-day event helps boost local business during the usually slow season.

Spokane Sports Vice President Ashley Blake said the USATF is bringing in an economic effect of $ 5.3 million. This money is spent in hotels, local businesses and restaurants.

“It’s new money that our city wouldn’t have understood if it weren’t for the rostrum hosting the event,” Blake said.

Shawn O’Donnell’s enjoys all the benefits it has, being within walking distance of The Podium and many other major venues.

“It’s just a wonderful place. It is very interesting to watch the growth and regentrification of this area, ”said Amy Bauer, manager of banquets and events at the Irish pub.

Bauer says they have noticed business growth since The Podium opened in mid-December. She says many of the people they talk to say they are not from the city.

“We love listening to people’s stories. When we meet, greet and talk at the tables, we learn that many people are not from here, ”Bauer said.

Blake says that between the opening in mid-December and March 1, they estimate the economic impact on the Spokane area at about $ 20 million.

“Our whole goal at Spokane Sports is to be an economic driver, and we do it through sports tourism to guide business, especially in restaurants and small businesses in December, January, February and March, during a period that is not high. tourist season for our city, ”Blake said.

Because of this slow season Sean O’Donnell also took part in Inlander Restaurant Week, hoping to attract new people to try their food.

In the period between the restaurant week and the events at The Podium, Blake says they like to see a lot of people come. Bauer said they are looking forward to bigger events, including Sir Paul McCartney at the Spokane Arena.

“Spokane is really on the verge of becoming a really interesting place. With all the entertainment and the podium, it will help grow our community and our business, ”Bauer said.

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