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After Joe Rogan’s controversial episode about vaccination against COVID-19 Spotify has to remove his podcast from its platform.

Let’s imagine that you are the co-founder and CEO of one of the largest platforms for streaming music and podcasts in the world. You sign more than $ 100 million deal with a podcaster. By the end of 2021, it turned out he was the largest podcaster on your platform. On December 31, it airs a episode involving an infectious disease researcher who is also skeptical of the vaccine instigator several COVID-19 hoaxes. Alarmed by “false and harmful allegations”, 270 doctors, scientists and health workers sign open letter on the streaming platform, urging it to “establish a clear and state policy of moderate disinformation”. To top it off – famous artists Neil Young and Johnny Mitchell pull their music from your platform in response to the dangerous misinformation that is spreading.

What are you doing

Such is the reality of Spotify co-founder and CEO Daniel Eco and renowned podcaster Joe Rogan. Rogan’s infamous guest on December 31 was Robert Malone, Ph.D. says on its website that he is “concerned with how [mRNA] technology is being developed and implemented. ” In the episode, not only did Rogan and Malone make allegations that were widely refuted – they also provided skeptics with the COVID-19 vaccine story. One of their outrageous allegations compared the COVID-19 vaccine to Nazi medical trials in brutal form. Holocaust revisionism.

Despite vaccinations against COVID-19, Malone has claimed be the inventor of mRNA technology for vaccines. However, it has been proven that while he has conducted early research on the subject, vaccine development and research are largely attributed to the long work of other scientists.

After death more than 950,000 Americans because of COVID-19 is very concerned that someone who uses medical records to undermine vaccine technology has been found to be reliable. Even more troubling is the fact that Rogan, who is aware of the reach of his platform, is a platformer and allows this doctor.

Rogan is unvaccinated and has repeatedly claimed that young and healthy people do not need to be vaccinated. Rogan decided to attach importance to the COVID-19 vaccine and skeptic through his platform. Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Rachel Valensky offered evidence that unvaccinated people 14 times more likely to die from disease than vaccinated with two doses. This speaks to Rogan’s outrageous disregard for a disease that kills a significant number of Americans every day, as well as ignoring the work of millions of health workers and researchers who have battled the virus every day for the past two years.

Malone’s comments are likely to support anti-boxers’ arguments against the mandates of vaccines and vaccines in general. An open letter to Spotify from doctors, scientists and health professionals conveys this alarm, which reads: “Dr. Malone’s interview reached tens of millions of listeners vulnerable to predatory medical misinformation … It’s not just scientific or medical problems; it’s a sociological problem of devastating proportions, and Spotify is responsible for making it thrive on its platform. ”

Eck responded to the controversy surrounding the “Rogan’s Experience” episode, condemning censorship. After receiving an open letter signed by people who witnessed the pandemic in their work, Ek made a statement speaking that he wasn’t going to censor any of the creators on Spotify: “And I want to make one point clear – I don’t believe Joe’s silence is the answer. We need to have clear lines around the content and take action when they intersect, but the abolition of votes is a slippery slope. ”

Instead, it will implement content warnings in every podcast that mentions or talks about COVID-19 to alert listeners. This feature will direct listeners to up-to-date information on COVID-19 overseen by physicians and professionals.

Eco’s solution is equivalent to applying a bandage to a stab wound. He sends the message: Spotify’s exclusive deal with Rogan – the world’s most famous podcaster – runs the risk of misinformation that could mislead millions of people. While this situation certainly raises important questions about free speech, I believe that Spotify should exercise its powers as a private corporation and remove Rogan’s podcast and the information it promotes is dangerously misleading.

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