Jacobs Jumper Raises Ball State Bypassed Western Michigan, 64-63

KALAMAZU, MICHIGAN (AP) – Demarius Jacobs, the jumper with more than two minutes left, was the winning blow when Ball State beat Western Michigan 64-63 on Friday night.

Lamar Norman Jr. scored in the basket and put the Broncos ahead 63-58 with 3:51 before the game, but it turned out to be Western Michigan’s last points. Peyton Sparks and Jacobs scored goals on the left, so the Cardinals scored within one, and Jacobs hit the jumper with 2:17.

Jaylin Sellers scored 16 points on the bench, while Sparks and Jacobs scored 13 points each to lead the Ball (14-16, 9-10 in Central America). Sparks made 10 rebounds and gave up three assists. Jacobs grabbed eight boards.

Mack Smith led the Broncos (8-23, 4-16 Mid-American) with 16 points. The Marquis Hastings and Norman scored 13 and 10 points respectively on the bench.


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