Jennifer Ho became the executive editor of the Chicago Sun-Times

CHICAGO (AP) – Chicago public media on Thursday named Jennifer Ho as executive editor of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Ho, the former editor-in-chief of HuffPost and the Guardian US, will be the first woman and the first color man to head the Sun-Times.

She will start her new post on Wednesday and move from Los Angeles in September.

“I couldn’t be happier to join the historic Chicago Sun-Times at this crucial moment, with its new state media to create a strong sense of connection and community across Chicago,” Ho said in a press release.

Leaders of Chicago Public Media, which owns the Sun-Times, described Kho as a strategic editorial leader and digital innovator with experience that engages audiences.

Ho said she would prefer data-driven investigations and coverage of topics such as environmental pollution, crime reduction efforts, the economy and social change.

Kho is currently a digital media consultant. She is the Vice President of Journalism and Information Capital at DoGoodery, which helps organizations achieve their goals of influence, and the President of the Symposium on Journalism and Women.

“The Chicago Sun-Times is widely known as the most hard-working newsroom in the country, and Jennifer has the same resilient spirit as well as a transformative view of what local journalism means to the community,” said Nicki Wright, the agency’s director general. Sun-Times.

Interim editor-in-chief Steve Warmbier, a 22-year veteran of the Sun-Times, said he was leaving the newspaper. A long-time investigative journalist, he was a candidate for editor-in-chief. The vacancy is open from the fall of 2020.

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