Judy Hutt embarrassed after Bill Cosby was sexually assaulted with Donna Samuelson, she testified

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Sixteen-year-old Judy Hutt was severely upset minutes after Bill Cosby was allegedly sexually assaulted on her afternoon in 1975 at the Playboy mansion, her best friend at the time testified Wednesday.

“She said, ‘I want to go, I want to leave,'” she cried, “said Donna Samuelson, then 17 and now 64, the first witness in the Los Angeles County civil trial following Huta’s lawsuit. against an 85-year-old man. comedian and actor.

Samuelson, who was looking forward to spending the rest of the day and evening in the mansion, was angry at her friend until Hutt explained herself.

“She said Bill Cosby was trying to have sex with her,” Samuelson said.

Hutt told Samuelson that in the bedroom near the game room in the mansion, where all three hung out and played billiards and arcade games, Cosby tried to dip his hand into her tight pants and then stood out, forcing Hutt to touch him. sexually, testified Samuelson, who was distracted from the game and did not notice what happened.

Samuelson took two joint photos of Cosby and Houth that day, which are central to the process, and on the first day they were constantly shown to the jury. The well-known Cosby has a beard and a red hat.

Lawyer Cosby called the allegations of sexual abuse “complete and complete fabrication” and said the photos were the only reason for the case.

“This is a plan drawn up by Judy Hutt and her friend Donna Samuelson based on some photos,” said lawyer Jennifer Bonjan in her introductory statement shortly before Samuelson spoke. “You’ll learn that Judy Hutt has been trying to make money on these photos for decades.”

The lawsuit is one of the latest lawsuits against Cosby after his Pennsylvania convict was overturned by an appeals court last year, and his insurer has satisfied many other lawsuits against his will. He is not present at the trial and will not testify, but parts of the video he gave shortly after the 2014 lawsuit will be played.

Samuelson testified that Cosby met two girls on a set in Los Angeles Park a few days earlier, and invited them to come to a club where he would play tennis, and then took them as a surprise to the mansion, saying if anyone asked about their age say they are 18 but no one did.

By the time Hutt told her story to Samuelson, Cosby had left to attend the event with plans to return in a few hours, leaving the girls behind.

Samuelson said she asked her betrayed girlfriend if she wanted to go to the police or tell anyone else, Hutt firmly replied no. She persuaded Huta to stay in the mansion.

“I thought it would calm her down to go swimming and stuff,” Samuelson testified. “I said, ‘We’ll go as soon as he gets back.’

She said the butler’s mansion brought the girls swimsuits of any style, size and color they requested, and they hung out at the mansion’s famous pool in the grotto and ordered tequila ladders. They then dined at the mansion, sitting across from actor Peter Lowford.

They were fiddling with the piano when Cosby returned and hugged the House in horror. The girls immediately got up to leave, Samuelson said, but just then Playboy manager Hugh Hefner and his model friend from Barbie Benton magazine came in, and Cosby introduced them before they left.

Bonjan captured the girls’ stay in the mansion during its opening.

“Judy and Donna, boy, had fun. They stayed for 12 hours, ”Bonjan said. “There’s no typical reaction to a traumatic event, but parties at the Playboy mansion don’t look consistent.”

But in his opening remarks, Huta lawyer Nathan Goldberg said in the following months she was very emotionally affected by the trauma, smoking in large quantities, entering into troubled relationships and suffering from anxiety.

“She was no longer the happy girl she used to be,” Goldberg said.

The Associated Press usually does not name people who say they have been sexually abused unless they state it publicly, as Huth did.

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