Spoiler Warning: This summary includes spoilers for the first and second seasons of Euphoria.

Season 2, Episode 6 “Euphoria” picks up snippets of last week’s devastating story. Ru Bennett’s (Zendai’s) struggle to get down from the last series is almost as hard to watch as her self-destructive evening. Fortunately, a bed will be opened at the Ryu Rehabilitation Center next week, but for now she has to detox at home.

Unable to eat any Jolly Rancher, Ryu struggles reflects on his character and says he accepts his deep-seated flaws. She says she can’t remember the damage she did, but she is determined to make amends for the people she loves the most.

Postponing his honor, Roo calls Ali (Coleman Domingo), Roo’s teacher in recovery, and brings him an apology, which he accepts. Comforted by Ali’s apology, Ryu can finally eat a single Jolly Rancher. Later, Ali approaches and prepares dinner with Bennett’s family, telling Gia (Storm Reed) that it’s okay to be angry at Ryu. Just as Ryu was shown caring for her dying father in the first season, Jia is shown caring for Ru.

Elsewhere, Nate (Jacob Elordi) is unaware that his father Cal (Eric Dane) has disappeared. However, he is concerned that he did not receive a single call from Maddie (Alex Demi) after she revealed his affair with her best friend Cassie (Sidney Sweeney).

When Nate goes crazy over what Maddie cooked for him –– she can ruin him and his family’s life with his father’s sex tape –– Maddie is shown that she is planning a brutal murder against Cassie and Kat (Barbie Ferreira) by phone.

Meanwhile, Kat is in the middle of a strange attempt to break up with her boyfriend Ethan (Austin Abrams). She claims to have a brain disorder, and somehow makes Ethan break up with her because she doesn’t have the strength to do it herself.

This season Kat has little justice, which was a favorite in the first season. This strange gap seems so out of place and adds no character development to either Kat or Ethan’s characters. Do better, Sam Levinson.

At Howard’s residence, Cassie’s mental state has declined, and Lexi (Maud Apatus) will have enough. When Cassie tries to convince everyone around her that she’s a good person because “Maddie and Nate weren’t together,” when she and Nate get together, both Suce (Alanna See) and Lexi call Cassie a bad friend.

Lexi runs away from the drama in her house and retreats to the residence of Fes (Angus Cloud), where he encourages her to put on her play. The two share a heartfelt moment and watch “Stand By Me” together, giving fans more of the content of Fes and Lexi they’ve wanted since the first episode.

Returning to Nate’s house, the Jacobs family is still getting used to Kel’s sudden departure. Nate and his mom are somewhat uncomfortable about their relationship. He reflects on the changes he went through during his childhood because of the anger he harbored.

Still heartbroken by the betrayal of Nate and Cassie, Maddie trusts her employer Samantha (Minka Kelly). Samantha tells Maddie that all will be well, for she has a whole life ahead of her.

When Maddie returns from work, she is met by Nate with a gun in his hand. The most psychic thing Nate has ever done is playing Russian roulette, putting a gun to his head, asking Maddie where his father’s sex record is. Fearing for Nate’s life, Maddie gives in, and Nate comes out with a CD.

Surprisingly, Nate’s next stop is Jules’ house, where he tells her that his dad recorded how he had sex with her, gives her a CD and tells her to do whatever she wants with him. This may be the only decent thing Nate has ever done in the history of Euphoria.

Nate’s last stop at night is at Cassie’s house, where he tells her he loves her and invites her to stay with him. The scene goes back and forth between the injured Maddie and the joyful Cassie, who is happy to be back with Nate.

The drama-filled episode ends with Gia and Ru sleeping, and their mother talking on the phone with the rehab center where she planned to check on Ru, asking them to give her a place. Her mother’s poverty is scary to watch. She tells the center that Ryu could well kill herself if she doesn’t get treatment from them.

Hopefully next week’s episode of Lexi’s play will expose Cassie and Nate’s crimes and redeem the characters they misbehaved with.

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