Leget-Jack is recognized as the coach of Syracuse women’s basketball

Syracuse, New York (AP) – Syracuse has hired Felicia Leggett-Jack as the head coach of the women’s basketball program, the university said …

Syracuse, New York (AP) – Syracuse has hired Felicia Leggett-Jack as the head coach of the women’s basketball program, the university said on Saturday.

The 55-year-old Leggett Jack, a 1989 Syracuse graduate and twice honored as a player, has been Buffalo’s head coach for ten years. She will immediately take office in Syracuse from interim Von Reed and will be officially unveiled on Monday.

“I’m going home! These words bring me great joy,” said Syracuse-born Leggett-Jack. “I thank Chancellor Severud and Athletics Director John Wildhack for this amazing opportunity. “The next head coach in women’s basketball. The love I feel for our city, our university, our athletics faculty is immeasurable.”

Legate-Jack has led three Division I programs, bringing 13 winning seasons, nine places after the season and six seasons with 20 wins and has a career record of 343-279. She has spent the last 10 years in Buffalo, creating a women’s program as a contender for the Central American Conference. The Bulls have appeared in four NCAA tournaments and reached Sweet 16 in 2018. She has also been a head coach at Hofstra and Indiana and has served as an assistant at Boston College, Michigan and Syracuse.

“My goal is simple – to pursue the championship in the classroom and on the basketball court,” said Leggett-Jack, who in November became the first athlete in Syracuse to have a T-shirt number shot. “We will work tirelessly to help our team understand that the character will always be first, the scientists will be second, and we will find the best athletes in the world to make you all proud.”

She inherited a troubled program that ended the 2021-22 season with a total of 11-18 and 4-14 at the Atlantic Coast Conference. Reed found himself in a difficult position three months before the start of the season. He was appointed to replace Quentin Hillsman after his former boss resigned amid allegations by several former program members of bullying, threats and unwanted physical contact.

Assistant head coach since 2013 Reed has taken over the program, which has been largely nude. Eleven players have moved on since the 2020-21 season, and Hillsman left last August while investigating his coaching practices after 15 years of reorganizing the Orange into a national ranking program that reached the 2016 National Championship game.


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