Legislature extends tax deadline for farmers and fishermen until April 15 – Washington Daily News

On Thursday, North Carolina lawmakers voted to extend the tax filing deadline for farmers and fishermen until April 15.

Normally, farmers and fishermen who do not choose to pay quarterly income tax must pay the total tax by March 1, but the North Carolina Department of Revenue is stuck in early processing of declarations due to the state budget being passed so late and updating processing software taxation. The Department of Revenue expects to start processing declarations on February 28, the day before the usual deadline for filing taxes on farmers and fishermen.

Following the passage of the House of Representatives bill, 797 farmers and fishermen will have until April 15 to file and pay the full 2021 tax to avoid fines.

“As the NC revenue processing software is being updated and the expected date for processing returns is February 28, it is only right to offer these citizens extra time to file,” the spokesman said. Keith Kidwell, representing Beaufort County. “I am proud to have supported this bill, which will help hardworking North Carolina residents make sure they have enough time to pay taxes without penalties.”

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