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Give it back to the police

Re: «Tacoma offers incentives to hire police officers”(TNT, February 25, 2022)

Wow! This comes down to the poaching of police officers from other communities. According to an article in The News Tribune of February 25, the city council has allocated more than a quarter of a million dollars to bribe 10 officers to give up their current departments and join the TPD.

This seems to be another example of how the Withdraw Police movement is being replaced by the Return Police movement.

Almost anyone with common sense could have foreseen this ironic situation. Now crime is rising rapidly. In the end, “If the cat (the big police) is away, the mice (crooks) will play.”

Many municipalities, including Tacoma – and especially Seattle – are now almost desperate to step back and hire more police officers.

However, after the monstrous manner in which law enforcement officials often described themselves as racist Neanderthals, it is not surprising that fewer and fewer people want to take a step forward. Why not thank the police officer for his service?

Thomas Hoyle, University Place

Russian gas

One of the world’s leading exporters of natural gas is threatening allies whom the United States has vowed to protect. The world’s leading exporter of oil is the birthplace of Osama bin Laden, whose ghost undresses us at the airport security.

Electricity from natural gas combustion is the biggest reason for the reduction in coal use at power plants in recent years. The Biden administration needs to do less to hamper gas and oil production in the United States. Local authorities must eliminate dangerous barriers to the construction of townhouses, apartments and flats that have common walls and thus share heat. They should also consider banning gas appliances and heating in homes built after 2022, and lifting parking requirements for new buildings.

The mall next to Sixth Avenue and Pearl Street (where Safeway), Narrows Plaza near Tacoma Community College, Westgate and Tacoma Mall stand out as places next to me with a place, grocery stores and nearby schools to support new Point Rustan-style housing or recent construction of apartments in the Proctor area.

Dawson Allen, Tacoma

Highway garbage

We live near the intersection of Highway 16 and Jackson Avenue. Highway 16 is littered with discarded old broken furniture, garbage bags, other garbage, and many other pieces of discarded items. There is a man sleeping under a blue tarpaulin right at the beginning of the pedestrian strip across the Narrow Bridge and has two large carts filled with wet, dirty things. This tarpaulin and these carts are the first thing you see when you leave the Narrow Bridge in Tacoma. So welcome to our wonderful “City of Destiny”.

If you continue east on Highway 16, as thousands of people do throughout the day, you will see debris on both sides of the highway until the exit to Pearl Street. I try to collect rubbish and rubbish when I walk around our area near the bridge, but I can’t even understand the difference in the huge amount of rubbish on Highway 16.

What’s going on?

Nancy Key, Tacoma

Praise Putin?

The day before Russia launched an unprovoked attack on Ukraine, former President Trump praised Putin for his actions against an independent democratic sovereign nation as a “genius act.” (Once a puppet, always a puppet.) Former Secretary of State Pompeo said: “I have a lot of respect for Putin. He is very smart and very capable. “

Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson for weeks sounded like a Russian propagandist, asking why the United States is taking steps to stop the Russian dictator from invading an independent democratic nation.

In a recent Yahoo News / YouGov poll, 62 percent of Republicans and independent Republicans seem to support Putin as a stronger leader than President Biden. Trump and his cult of Trump interests do not seem to be in the interests of the United States.

Why do these so-called patriotic Americans support a reluctant authoritarian dictator who wants to bring back to Russia the former glory of the Soviet Union? Is this their vision of the future of the United States?

Steve Golubic, Puyallup

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