Like Biden, police and defenders agreed on police and race

Rice worked on the phones to calm her nerves by opening a new chapter in the negotiations.

In addition to Rice’s team, Justice Department staff and the White House attorney’s office led by Dana Remus worked out the details. Also in attendance were Karen Bass, California, Senator Corey Booker, USA, and Senator Dick Durbin, Illinois.

Senior administration officials described a kind of shuttle diplomacy, and they met separately with civil rights defenders and law enforcement groups in an effort to keep everyone on one page. The long days were fueled by kisses from Hershey’s Kisses, M&Ms and everything else that could be ripped from the White House tables.

Chuck Wexler, executive director of the independent political organization Police Executive Research Forum, said that in Washington, “people speak for themselves.” But in this case, “we had hours of discussions, very substantive discussions on some issues.”


One sensitive part of the draft leak has not changed. Ultimately, it continues to be said that the country must “recognize the legacy of systemic racism in our criminal justice system and work together to eliminate racial differences that persist to this day”.

Ebony Riley, senior vice president of the National Network of Action, a civil rights organization headed by Rev. Al Sharpton, said it was important to leave that.

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