Lincoln’s Navarre Dixon continues the family tradition in Mat Classic


Navarre Dixon of Lincoln is doing his best to keep Ezra Anderson of Cheney within the second round of their 182-pound 3A quarterfinal match at the Mat Classic XXXIII on Friday, February 18, 2022, in Tacoma, Washington. Dixon pressed Anderson after 3 minutes 13 seconds.

Navar Dixon watched as his older brother twice climbed the pedestal of Tacoma Doom’s pedestal.

The first time was J.J. Dixon was a junior at Lincoln High School in 2017 and won his first state wrestling title in Class 3A at 182 pounds. Again in 2018, when JJ completed his unbeaten senior season heads the state bracket at 195 to become Abes’ first fighter win consecutive championships with KC Walsh back in 2000 and 2001.

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Lincoln Navarre Dixon (left) shakes hands with his brother J. J. Dixon – former Lincoln state champion in wrestling after Navarro knocked Ezra Anderson out of Cheney in the 182-pound 3A quarterfinal match at the Mat Classic XXXIII on Friday, 2022, in Tacoma, Washington Pete Custer

Junior Dixon remembers watching every tense moment of his brother’s title unfold.

“It made me a little nervous when I was young, but it was also very inspiring that the person I was with every day could do it all the time,” Navarro said. “It showed me that I can do it for sure.”

Now it’s his turn.

Navarro, who is now a sophomore in the Lincoln program, may be pursuing his own championship at the Mat Classic XXXIII this weekend.

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Lincoln’s Navarre Dixon gains control of Ezra Anderson’s hips from Cheney during their first round of the 182-pound 3A quarterfinal match at the Mat Classic XXXIII on Friday, February 18, 2022, in Tacoma, Washington. Dixon pinned Anderson for 13 minutes. seconds. Pete Custer

“I like it,” he said of the atmosphere during the first rounds on Friday. “It’s fun. Culture. Everything. Lights. Everything. I love it. I waited. … I worked in a lab. Double time. After a while. “

Navarre fought for Lincoln last spring as a freshman, but there was no public event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The wait, however, was over, and the tireless work he had put in with Abes over the past two seasons to get to the Tacoma Dome allowed him to advance to Saturday’s semi-finals. 3A 182-pound brackets.

“He started off great and his expectations are only growing,” Lincoln coach Willie Ross said. “With each practice he gets better. Every time he’s on the mat, he’s working to get better. ”

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Lincoln’s Navarre Dixon is waiting for Ezra Anderson’s shoulder blades from Cheney to hit the mat during the second round of their 182-pound 3A quarterfinal match at the Mat Classic XXXIII on Friday, February 18, 2022, in Tacoma, Washington. clamped Anderson for 3 minutes 13 seconds. Pete Custer

Navarro entered the week as the top ranked weightlifter by Washington Wrestling Report after setting a 28-1 record this season.

Being first seeded, he received a farewell in the first round on Friday morning, and in the afternoon pinned both of his opponents to stay in position to fight for the title.

In his first match, for the first time in the first period with a score of 1:08 bypassed the university Nikolai Alexander.

“In the first match I came, heavy hands, just focused on dominance, scoring the most points,” he said. “That’s all. Kill, kill, kill. I work in my positions. I’m just coming here and trying to enjoy it right now. “

Later in the afternoon Navarre led against Ezra Anderson of Cheney in the quarterfinals before eventually defeating him in the second period with a score of 3:13.

“I just told myself I’m going to come out here, I’m going to fight, I’m going to fight from where I need to be and I’m going to win, I’m going to get the results I want,” he said.

The results have certainly been impressive so far, and Navarre had a former Lincoln state champion who encouraged him along the way in his older brother.

“I love my older brother,” he said. “He’s my best friend, my number one model, definitely. This is great. I love it. I am very glad that he succeeded. “

JJ, who now fights in Oregonwas on the corner of the carpet during Navarre’s matches this weekend, helping to train his younger brother in a familiar setting.

“Constant hours of work and work and work are finally paying off,” JJ said. “I have to pay tribute to his coaches. His coaches are doing everything right. I feel very happy that everything is coming to life. “

JJ said he is “more passionate about his matches than mine,” watching Navarro continue Lincoln’s fight at Tacoma Dome.

“For me, that means everything,” JJ said. “I really want him to be a lot better than I am. So seeing him go to sophomore and dominate sophomore – because I won in both juniors and seniors – is of great importance to me. It’s huge. It brings a smile to my face. ”

On Saturday in the semifinals Navarro will meet Jackson Grybskov from Hermistan. After saying goodbye in the first round, Grybskov won the first two matches on Friday by court order.


The wrestlers, representing 29 South Sound schools, reached Saturday’s semifinals.

4A – Joe Sullivan, Tahoma, Saf. (106); Elias MacDonald, Sumner, Saf. (106); Nathaniel Cortes, Graham Capuchin, s. (120); Stone Hartford, South Kitsap, Saf. (120); Mitchell Neiner, South Kitsap, Jr. (126); Kai Calhoun, Graham-Kapausin, Jr. (132); Colin Jack, Decatur, p. (138); Cody Miller, Sumner, Saf. (152); Devan Carter, Bethel, Saf. (152); Matthias Collins, Catholic Kennedy, Jr. (152); Matteo De La Pena, Catholic Kennedy, s. (160); Christopher Neal, Tahoma, Jr. (170); Terry Smith, Curtis, p. (170); Philip Chobat, South Kitsap, Jr. (182); Michael Ager, Rogers, p. (182); Jose Flores, Catholic Kennedy, s. (195); Jonathan Gresset, Curtis, Jr. (220); Zhumali Chakhalov, Kentwood, s. (285); Hunter Hill, Graham Capuchin, s. (285).

3A – Alexander Richardson, Lincoln, Fr. (106); Kadin Hagerty, Capital, Fr. (106); Samuel Aiken, Silas, Saf. (113); Jeffery Myers, Elm, p. (120); Elijah Cutter, Silas, Jr. (120); Emanuel Cutter, Silas, Fr. (126); Cole Cross, Auburn Riverside, p. (138); Julian Clemence, Todd Beamer, p. (160); Ezekiel McEwan, Capital, Saf. (170); Navarre Dixon, Lincoln, Saf. (182); Logan Platt, Yelm, p. (195); Marcellus Belton, North Thurston, Jr. (220); Braden Platt, Yelm, Saf. (285); Burak Bowers, Lake Bonnie, Saf. (285); Nathan Pritchard, Auburn Riverside, Jr. (285).

2A – Alan Salger Jr., Orting, Fr. (106); Quentin Harding, Orting, Fr. (113); Mikey Johnston, Black Hills, at. (113); Apollo Cruz, Orting, Saf. (120); Brian Dickerson, Orting, Saf. (126); Cade Carter, Enumclaw, p. (132); Owen Klein, Orting, st. (138); Destin Haraldson, Fife, p. (138); Caleb Dale, White River, Fr. (145); Westin Triplet, Enumclo, Jr. (160); Vincent Perry, Steilacoom, p. (160); Ryan Matskevich, Shelton, s. (170); Dalton Reed, Orting, Jr. (182); Eliot Carlson, Steilacoom, p. (195); Logan Lishernes, White River, Jr. (285).

1A – Casey Whitney, Ethanville, Saf. (113); Austin Frynk, Ethanville, s. (120); Colin McIntyre, Washon Island, Saf. (132); Ty Whitney, Ethanville, st. (132); Caden Olsen, Ethanville, s. (160); Hunter Sonnenberg, Ethanville, Jr. (182).

Girls – Zeta Lee, Mount Tahoma, Saf. (110); Brooklyn Jones, Orting, Saf. (115); Medicine Erickson, Elm, Saf. (115); Sierra Wangen, Curtis, Saf. (120); Anna Dykunyo, White River, Jr. (120); Shelby Moore, White River Jr. (130); Nicole Poussier, White River, Jr. (135); Eleana Gonitana, Bethel, Jr. (140); Monica Kaiser, South Kitsap, Jr. (140); Clarissa Wangen, Curtis, Saf. (145); Kailin Wright, Steilacoom, p. (145); Camryn Erikson, Yelm, Jr. (155); Jalia Williams, White River, p. (170); Shaolin Tali, Washington, s. (235).

This story was originally published February 18, 2022, 9:07 p.m.

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