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Eleven new products from seven designers

ZEIST, the Netherlands and MILAN, June 3, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Hundreds of brands can’t wait to showcase their latest and greatest products from their best designers at the 60th edition of Salone del Mobile 2022 (June 7-12). The world-famous Dutch furniture brand LINTELOO will also be, of course. The company is proud of its attractive series of new products by seven highly qualified designers: three Dutch, two Canadian, one French and one German. Each of the eleven items is in tune with LINTELOO, which is known for its innovative and durable quality without losing sight of comfort, aesthetics and durability.


LINTELOO is proud to work with designers from around the world. Innovative approach, powerful signature and careful attention to detail that people like Paola NavoneMarcel Walterink and Dan Efet keep surprising and impressing us. The result is a collection of designs that stand the test of time.


Each item in the LINTELOO collection has a beautiful design and finish. However, each of them also has in order to be used, to live with it, to enjoy. Traces of use give character, decorating the furniture with visible reminders of a well-lived life. At LINTELOO this concept is known as “perfect imperfection”. It’s just as fantastic that no two pieces of leather are the same and that the surface of the marble is different each time. LINTELOO effectively notes such differences.


The LINTELOO “connection” is a core value: bringing people together in an environment where they will feel comfortable and safe. One way or another, each of the designs that will be festively and officially part of the collection during its debut at this edition of the Salone del Mobile, has its own theme of “communication”. The designers who started creating for LINTELOO with this theme in mind are Anthony Guerre, Sebastian Herkner, Roderick Vos, Sir Vrunland and Jan te Lintel.

clamp – Sir Vrunland

Although he has had his own label since 2014, Sir Vrunland (1985) also works for other firms. His projects reveal his strong connection with Rotterdam HMC, the school where he completed his initial training in woodworking, furniture construction and interior design. A true master who works mainly with wood, Vrunland is also a master of innovative construction. For this piece he chose a metal frame with a countertop consisting of two parts. Vroonland loves to see – and show – how one type of material clings to another. Talk about “making connections”! For example, a metal frame leaves a clamp to which CLAMP owes its name in plain sight. The buyer chooses the best combination of marble and wood – mostly from residual materials, keeping in mind one of the credits of LINTELOO: optimal stability. This makes your chosen product even more unique, completely to your taste.

MALIBU “Jan te Lintel.”

This design by LINTELOO founder Jan te Lintela (b. 1954) lives up to its name. This applies to the beach town, close to it Los Angeles, which boasts many architectural moments. Attracted by its casual atmosphere of sun, sea and beach, many movie stars have made it their home. Malibu the nickname “original surfing city” fits perfectly. This sofa has the same combination of cool, relaxed and luxurious. Thanks to the comfortable center section on an elegant frame with thin legs, this sofa seems to hover in the air. The EASY LIVING sofa, one of Te Lintelo’s oldest designs, remains one of LINTELOO’s bestsellers. Given the initial rave reviews, c MALIBU the couch seems very likely to be headed in the same direction.

I RUN – Roderick Vos

When LINTELOO started business in 1993, young Roderick Vos (b. 1965) was one of the first designers Ian te Lintella attracted to his company. Now Vos has an incredible number of successful designs for a wide range of brands, including his own studio Roderick Vos. His BIJOU coffee / side table is another jewel on his crown. Raising or lowering the top of the BIJOU allows you to give it the desired height. The simple action is reminiscent of the work of children’s toys, immediately giving the design a timeless character. Linking the present with the past, BIJOU can even be considered a playful bow in the Art Deco style, like many other designs from Roderick Vos. There is also a link from Japanwhere more common are seemingly simple designs. All this makes BIJOU a fantastic item to present at the world’s largest design exhibition.

IWA – Roderick Vos

IWA is the Japanese word for stone. For its creator, Roderick Vos (b. 1965), IWA’s extremely rugged design without embellishments evokes associations with the Flintstones, an American cartoon series of the 1960s set in the Stone Age. IWA comes as a coffee table and as a dining table. Both have the same solid hue, but each also has its own signature. Coffee table – a miracle of innovation in the use of materials: plywood, folded and crushed by the waves, creating an exciting effect of flame. The dining table is simple and clean, almost like a child would draw a table. But the two sets of legs can be put in different positions and even flipped. This is another LINTELOO design that allows you, the buyer, to complete the work yourself.

BROADWAY – Roderick Vos

From time to time you see something so simple – and so ingenious – that you wonder, “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?” At the same time, BROADWAY, developed Roderick Vos, there’s something so obvious and familiar that you think, “But this couch has been around for a long time, hasn’t it?” The transitions from the front to the sides and from the sides to the back of this modular sofa are beveled at an angle of 45º. Can design be both organic and cubist? In the case of BROADWAY, yes, you can. It is both essential and straightforward, durable but refined. Powerful silhouette accentuated by a thick cord. This distinctive Vos design is sure to cause a sensation Milan.

OFFSET – Anthony Guerre

Before setting up his own studio in 2020, French designer Anthony Guerre (b. 1987) had already gained considerable experience, including in the famous studio of Andre Putman. In his projects he likes to put the viewer on the wrong path. Consider the various coffee tables from his OFFSET series. Aren’t these mostly razor-sharp puzzle pieces? If one part has a slot and the other has a slot, just slide them together at a 90º angle and you will get the most stable base and design you can want. The design is impeccable and incredibly clear, with a sublime finish. These products combine two materials with completely different types – wood and marble – with stunning precision.

TILT – Anthony Guerre

Studying your famous predecessors and drawing inspiration from the past is hardly a weakness. French designer Anthony Guerre (b. 1987) admires this. So it’s no surprise to find the flawless features of Art Deco in the clear interaction of the lines of its TILT chair. The inclination of the seat in relation to the arm and back is repeated at the bottom along the front. He reaches the slope – TILT! – in the most figurative way: the wooden pole which passes on all width slightly bends both a comfortable chair, and the accompanying pouf. Now there is a completely unique and innovative look at your feet! With its TILT and four other superb designs, Guerrée debuts with LINTELOO at the Salone del Mobile.

ALTER – Anthony Guerre

The ALTER table by Anthony Guerre (b. 1987) is a practical dining table rich in special details. Look at how the oak veneer divides the countertop into two parts with two sharp corners and two rounded edges, and notice the playful notch on the conical leg. So cleverly and boldly conceived by this young French designer. A sample of a masterpiece that manifests itself somewhat modestly, but connoisseurs immediately recognize its class.

BLEND – Anthony Guerre

The strong bond between LINTELOO and designer Anthony Guerre (b. 1987) stems from a shared love of a combination of functionality, design and craftsmanship. The BLEND dining bench reflects this, being very practical, a feast for the eyes and surprisingly well made. As a modular dining sofa BLEND leaves room for individuality. Every buyer has the opportunity to choose the BLEND that best blends with the rest of the interior. Guerre debutes with LINTELOO Milanand with at least five designs, it is sure to make a big sensation.

HIT – Yabu Pushelberg

HEATH is a series of custom curvilinear designs. The series opened with chairs, sofas and coffee tables, but now they are complemented by a dining chair. It also comes in two different versions: there is a HEATH dining chair with a closed shell that hugs you, and with open sides for a lighter silhouette. Each version in itself is a masterpiece, but they also come together in a great duo for those who prefer to vary things around a large dining table. This is a beautiful addition to other HEATH series items George Yabu and Glen Puschelberghas been operating since 1980 in the village Toronto under the name of Jabu Puschelberg.

HILBERT – Sebastian Herkner

With his ARP series for LINTELOO, a German designer Sebastian Herkner (b. 1981) has already staged a first-class seat design. But now there is his HILBERT, a chair with an attractive chair. GILBERT is perfect for creating the 21st century invention of the 19th century: furniture for tête-à-tête, a sofa that allows you to sit at an angle for a good conversation. Rest for hours in silence with a good book and put your feet under you, or lean against someone you love … GILBERT makes it all possible. It’s comfort, flexibility and individuality, elegantly combined into one design from Herkner, whose TERRACE coffee table is also part of the LINTELOO collection.

LINTELOO will present these collections at its booth at

Fiera Milan

Hall 7, Stand F15

June 7-12, 2022

Open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The press is welcome

Coffee with designers

Tuesday June 7, 2022

10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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