Longtime partner files lawsuit for bodily harm to Mark Ripien, accusing him of abuse

SPOKANE – Longtime partner of former NFL quarterback Marc Ripien has filed a personal injury lawsuit against him, demanding compensation for years of alleged physical and emotional abuse.

Daniel Wade filed a lawsuit under her maiden name this month in the Spokane County High Court. Although they were never married, Wade took Ripien’s last name, and the couple spoke publicly about the violence in their home, possibly due to a head injury Ripien received in his professional career 11 seasons after playing in Washington State.

The lawsuit contains new allegations of violence – starting in 2008 and continuing until September 2020 – including Ripien hitting Wade with his car and shoving her into their home, injuring her head and thigh.

Mary Schultz, a lawyer representing Wade, said the lawsuit confirmed Ripien’s diagnosis: a head injury.

“It doesn’t give him a license to attack his wife,” Schultz said.

No hearing dates have been set.

The 59-year-old Ripien published the statement through his lawyer in response to the charges in the lawsuit.

“Mr. Ripien strongly and unequivocally condemns domestic violence,” the statement said. He fully believes in the judiciary and hopes that the parties will be able to reach a fair solution so that they can move forward by living their own lives. “

Ripien confessed to the violence against Wade.

In at least one case, Ripien said the violence was the result of a quarrel rather than a traumatic brain injury. In 2019, he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence as a result of an incident with Wade at an intersection in Spokane. The judge later dismissed the charges against Ripien.

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